SEO Mistakes That Firms Often Make On Their Websites


SEO means Search Engine Optimization: the need to optimize the contents of our organization’s website so that it appears in the top positions when carrying out a specific search in the different search engines. It is necessary to invest time and effort in improving the contents. When developing an SEO positioning strategy, we must consider the design of our publications (text, images, videos, labels, bold, italics, internal and external links, etc.).

It is interesting to know the most frequent SEO mistakes that are made, generally, due to ignorance or neglect:

  • Lack of professionalism: Leaving SEO positioning in the hands of a friend or relative is a severe SEO mistake. As in other subjects, SEO will require prior knowledge that only experts (community managers and media agencies) will master perfectly. Making a good investment on time will bring us more benefits than costs in the long run.
  • Choosing keywords: An error SEO will use words generalized key and chosen by competition. You have to be more specific and look for creative content.
  • Link with marketing: Both departments ( SEO and marketing ) cannot be independent but will work hand in hand in the day-to-day running of the firm. In this way, the keywords used must go hand in hand with the advertising and marketing campaigns that are developed.
  • Links: Obviously, external links to exciting content are essential, but internal links. Although we should not abuse them, neglecting them will be a big SEO mistake. However, we must avoid illegal techniques like link building (creating artificial links).
  • Link quality: To optimize a website, we cannot make the SEO mistake of using any link. We must be more precise and improve this quality as much as possible.
  • Content: You cannot make the SEO mistake of neglecting web content, providing just what users are looking for. It is essential to think well about the titles, the keywords. Google has determined that effective SEO positioning will be quality texts starting at 1,000 words with the latest updates. Subsequently, it will be necessary to carry out dissemination work through social networks or other means.
  • Design: It is a big SEO mistake not to bet on the insertion of images and videos and h1, h2, bold or italic text formats. In the difference lies the success. However, we cannot make the SEO mistake of using excessive flash content, as it will be more difficult for search engines to index.
  • Statistics: It is essential to pay attention to statistics, examining where the traffic comes from to our website, the most used keywords, or the most read texts. Failure to carry out these studies will make it difficult for us to make decisions a posteriori and, therefore, a significant SEO error. The content must be original, exciting, and own (not copied from other web portals).
  • The term of the results: Many times, companies make the SEO mistake of considering that their investment in research and strategies will pay off in a short period. However, you must be patient and wait until it is time to see our website among the first entries of the search engines.
  • Content update: Although it is a common SEO mistake, it is almost apparent. The organization must update its website constantly, eliminating visits to the competitor’s portal. It will be ongoing work to improve SEO positioning, optimizing the texts of the news section and the blogs.
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