What Motivates Employees?


If you want capable people to work in your company, you have to offer them much more. They will be motivated by the environment in which they can play in the first league. Their phrases in company materials do not convince them, and the owner must lead by example every day. Given motivation following the goals, they can decide whether to get the best candidates into the company and stay in the team for a long time.

The directive approach is completely relegated in companies or only in crises. There is no universal way to manage and motivate. Recently, he has used a consultative or participatory style in newly established and young companies. Probably the easiest way is to listen to your employees. They often tell the manager their goals and explain their motivation themselves. The manager regularly seeks the opinion of employees and only after considering the comments is made. By doing so, he also relieves his pressure on himself.

He tries to get the team’s approval to implement the changes. There is an open and constructive discussion in the sections, in which everyone has the opportunity to express themselves. Employees behave freely and casually at meetings. The manager not only listens for ideas but also requires logical justification. It allows employees to work in the ways they think are best. However, the manager must consider the simplicity and operability of the solution, low time requirements, clarity of solution results, low investment requirements, and technical equipment of the company.

The World’s Best Employers Include, For Example:

SAS software creates software and services for its customers. The company came first thanks to the accessibility of its executives. Employees are invited each month to a meeting called “Coffee Conversation.” It is a session with the CEO, where the subject can be discussed on any topic or improvement proposal from the employee. Employees have a hairdresser, dry cleaning, ambulance, and nursery on the company’s premises.

Google has a training program in which 43 leaders provide career coaching worldwide. Employees can solve their problems with experienced senior engineers. Some employees have personal assistants to relieve them of less efficient activities. The company is located in a beautiful green area. The staff will find, for example, restaurants with healthy food, doctors, libraries, kindergartens, and laundries. The main motivating idea is that if employees have satisfied basic needs, their work performance is higher.

Microsoft strives for employee satisfaction through various employee benefits, health and family benefits, educational projects, and financial benefits.

Employee Benefits

Ten years ago, companies began to provide as a benefit a business phone, products or products of the company at discounted prices, smaller gifts for work and life anniversaries, tickets for cultural events. At present, benefits such as meal tickets, business telephone, internet connection from home, corporate events are taken by employees as standard. Employees quickly get used to the benefits and demand them in other jobs. If the company wants to be competitive and attractive to candidates, it is good to make a benefits package for employees within the possibilities and financial margins. The company often attracts and retains talented candidates who will ultimately bring the company something more.

If an employee demands a higher salary, it does not mean that he will increase his performance accordingly. Unfortunately, the direct ratio does not apply here. More demanding work indeed presupposes or requires higher expertise and skills and, therefore, higher financial rewards. But every employee has certain motivational limits. For sufficient motivation and a sense of self-realization at work, it is important for every employee to know why he does a specific job, to whom it is intended, and the consequences.

A typical example is employee feedback “Every day I have to report three nonsensical tables for an hour. “Every week, I have to have three hours at a meeting, at which no one will ask me anything anyway.” Low turnover can also indicate that the manager is making the right decisions and that the company is going in the right direction.

Types Of Employee Motivation

Motivation is divided into financial and non-financial.

The Financial Motivation of Employees             

Salary and other financial benefits. There are employees for whom the amount of salary is the only criterion. In addition to the fixed evaluation, it is good to use the agreed financial reward for timely and timely project implementation in the event of an impact and time-limited projects. When determining a fixed salary, it is good to survey wages in a given region regularly.

The Non-Financial Motivation of Employees

Courses and training – If the situation requires a position and the company needs this knowledge, it is in the company’s interest to train the employee. However, the employee may not perceive it as a benefit. The trend is lifelong learning and courses beyond the job position employees appreciate now. New educational opportunities go hand in hand with the development of new information technologies, which undoubtedly include the Internet today, e.g., the form of e-learning education systems. For example, a manager can use questions to identify needs:

  • What is your space for developing your skills, and what would you like to achieve by developing them?
  • What do you perceive as your training-enhancing reserves?
  • What knowledge would help you with your current job?

The flexibility of working hours is suitable for employees who like a feeling of freedom and independence.

It is also a benefit for employees interested in using their free time for courses and hobbies before or after work, as well as, e.g., for mothers who are limited by childcare.  

Team building activities – “experiences” are still popular nowadays. The benefit of the experience can also be individual – the company will contribute to the employee financially, e.g., for vacation, a voucher to the restaurant, wellness weekend.

Health care provides preventive examinations in private medical facilities, gym, recreational stays reimbursement, additional leave, and a supplementary pension and sickness insurance.

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How To Set Up a Remuneration System Correctly So That Employees Do Not Feel Undervalued And The Company Has a Balanced Investment in Employees? 

This is the purpose of continuous evaluation and a set of methods by which the company determines the internal needs of employees and external factors of the external environment. Market. The basis is to do a survey of employee motivation factors in the company, define some limits on the part of the company, and transform the results into a system of benefits that will motivate each employee.

The company can assign limits in direct dependence on the employee’s performance with clearly defined criteria, e.g., completing an important project and acquiring a new customer. Employees collect credits and choose from a list of benefits that best meets their expectations. This system is called the “loyalty program. “The result is an incentive system “tailored” to each employee. The personnel consulting company has good experience with a comprehensive methodology, and it can provide the company with an objective mapping of needs, setting criteria, and competitive benefits.

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