What Type Of Mobile Application To Develop And Why?


Here to the three kinds of mobile applications and their characteristics.

Indeed, it is essential to understand the difference between the three types of applications to choose the one that will be the most suitable for a company that wishes to develop one.

Hybrid Applications

  • Hybrid applications are applications encoded from a single code base.
  • They are available on Android, iOS, and from any internet browser.
  • They use some native features such as camera, location, or file access.

Cross-Platform Applications

Cross-platform applications, like hybrid applications, can share code between the different platforms on which the applications will be deployed.

This technology makes it possible, among other things, to offer an enriched user experience because the application produced will have a “native” look and feel.

Native Applications

These are the apps only written to run on Android or iOS separately.

These three types of applications differ on five points: performance, budget, time-to-market, user interface/user experience, and functionality.

Native applications are much faster and consume less battery/memory during large operations such as animation or loading many images.

As the choice of technology depends on the use case, it can be considered that multi-platform applications will completely satisfy the performance constraints for applications that do not require a lot of computation.

In addition, developing for two platforms necessarily entails a higher cost in creation than in terms of maintenance.

The development of hybrid or cross-platform applications allows significant optimization.

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