Five Essential Actions To Develop A Good B2B Ecommerce Strategy


The new post-pandemic situation has accelerated the need to digitize all sectors with a particular focus on Ecommerce, resulting in 36% in 2020 and double-digit growth expected regularly in the coming years.

This change significantly affects the B2B sector with a buyer (buyer persona) that has started in an accelerated way to search for its suppliers on Google and increase its purchases.

What Digital Actions Focused On Ecommerce Are Being Developed?

This essential and accentuated change during the period in which commercial networks could not visit customers leads B2B companies to make a series of changes in their ways of selling, and digital is imposed.

Based on several projects we have worked on in B2B Ecommerce, we can point out that they are fundamentally focusing on:

  • Development and improvement of its own direct sales platforms (own On-Line store), providing more functionalities and improving its usability.
  • Hiring “digital” staff for your sales and marketing structures.
  • Increase in Digital Marketing budgets with particular emphasis on SEO / Link Building campaigns, usually in the hands of a specialized Agency and with measurable and quantifiable objectives of expected results.
  • Generation of “digital” content of interest to the “buyer persona”… Ebooks, guides, webinars … With particular emphasis on the development of YouTube channels.
  • Intensive use of CRM programs seeking greater loyalty from “web” customers and increasing purchase volumes through cross-selling actions.

And the most important of all … Establishing specific 3-year B2B Ecommerce digital strategies contemplating the following items:

  • Generation volumes of “qualified leads.
  • Necessary investments are especially broken down in Marketing items. 
  • Roadmap to follow when implementing them.
  • Approach to the responsibilities of the Marketing and Sales departments, requiring clarification of the teams’ duties.

Do we need to develop an Ecommerce strategy to grow in the B2B sector?

Changes are taking place very quickly, and the way the buyer persona in the B2B sector purchases has changed … we have competitors who are doing their homework and implementing strategies similar to those we have mentioned … It is essential to focus our digital and Ecommerce strategy as soon as possible.

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