Why Should You Use Mailroom by PackageX for Student Housing Properties?


When you think of the word “student housing,” dorms and on-campus accommodations come to mind, but that is finally changing due to the introduction of luxury off-campus student housing. These off-campus properties are located close to the university campus and are primarily rented out to its students, although the property does not belong to the university.  This kind of off-campus student housing is considered one of the best living arrangements for students.

Many mails are delivered every day through the pipeline to students living in housing properties. This number just keeps increasing as the popularity of ordering everything online, whether it is medicine or clothes, grows day by day. Mailroom management also plays a huge role in connecting students living far away from home to their families and friends by managing packages from home.

Managing university mailroom is a difficult task to handle as the number of packages ordered through online shopping and packages sent from home keeps on increasing every day. Through the usage of notifications, intelligent scheduling, and customization, PackageX’s mailroom management software ensures that the whole mail operation runs efficiently. This software is time-saving and prevents the hassle of paper clips and documentation.

Benefits of Mailroom by PackageX

Here is a list of why you should use mailroom management software, i.e., Mailroom by PackageX for student housing properties:

Advanced OCR Technology

Using AI-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the Mailroom by PackageX allows you to scan any type of document, whether QR codes, barcodes, or handwritten labels; it automatically extracts relevant information. This is especially beneficial as the margin of error is low and doesn’t take much time, also you get what you desire with ease and accuracy.

Smart Scheduling

The Mailroom app allows you to scan up to 50 packages in a go without any disturbance. All of this, in return, improves satisfaction, saves uptime by reducing unneeded messages, and ensures the smooth flow of delivery.

Seamless Integrations

Mailroom offers a new approach to parcel management. It provides seamless integrations for parcel lockers to automate self-served pickup. Intelligent parcel lockers allow the recipients to safely keep their packages without worrying about being stolen or mishandled.

Moreover, Mailroom also integrates with its sister app, Dispatch by PackageX offers the best traditional and on-demand courier services. Its retailers spread throughout the country and offer same-day shipping at economical rates that are a steal. Dispatch by PackageX helps you generate discounted shipping labels for national, same-day, and specialty couriers.

No Pricey Equipment

There is no prerequisite to using any hardware to use the Mailroom app. All you need is a smartphone with a camera that works as a scanner and eradicates the need for an affluent devoted image scanner for the job. Using a smartphone to scan and intelligent track your delivery means no extra pricey equipment is required. It uses your phone’s rear camera to scan the labels on the mail within seconds, which reads the recipient’s information.

Safe and Secure Delivery

Using Mailroom by PackageX prevents package theft by requiring proof of delivery; it could be a signature or photo of the receiver with the package. If any package goes missing or is misplaced, you have access to a complete chain of custody.


This app allows an effective way to set an alternative, whether they’re available on the premises or not. Or save up a fair amount of time through a quick pick up option from the Mailroom. It also tracks their preferences for holding or delivering their packages. The Mailroom app grants you the autonomy to retain, forward, or destroy their mail, just one tap away. They can choose the fate of their parcels through Mailroom Connect, which offers an astounding collection of features.

Time-Saving Process

Using a smartphone to scan and smart track your delivery will save a lot of your time. You can check incoming package labels, log the data, and send instant notifications with photos to package recipients in seconds.


The Mailroom system assists you in sending automated reminders via an email or text message, all within a click. It grants you the option to add labels or any special notes to the package, which the recipients view as a plus point.


It allows you to quickly notify the recipients about the deliveries of their packages throughout the delivery process. You can effortlessly send automated reminders in an email or text, making the process efficient and convenient.

Updated and Easy Tracking

Mailroom by PackageX allows the user to track their packages. It eradicates the need to call the Mailroom and check the status of their package. It also ensures recording every package hand-off along the way up to its final destination. This app has eased the process of tracking the package, making it easier for students to follow.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

This digital Mailroom by PackageX helps in improving customer satisfaction as everything is streamlined. It also offers 24/7 support in case of any issue. The hands-on customer support team is here to answer all queries. The Mailroom is easy to use, so the operators can be trained to use this software within three days.


Rental operations will improve significantly for students and property owners if they start using mail management software. PackageX mailroom management software focuses on value-added work by ensuring students can obtain an ideal housing property to live in and creates an enjoyable management experience. It also provides the students with the ability to stay in touch with their families. It has automated the entire process, all the while maintaining the efficiency of the delivery cycle. The innovative features of PackageX make it a significant and valuable asset for students who require housing property.

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