Will Year 2021 Be The Year Of Laptops That Fold Their Screen?

laptops that fold their screen

The new format of laptops that fold their screen has been here for a few months. The first to break the ice in this new category was the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo that launched the ThinkPad X1 Fold, keeping the name of the portable range that IBM created before selling the hardware division to the current Chinese owners.

The Asian giant in the hands of its partners Intel and Microsoft continue to show the challenges and opportunities of this new format, based on a useful user experience, an adequate weight, a set of effective components, a complete set of accessories, and of course a screen full of resources and technological solutions suitable to be ductile.

All available versions mount the Intel Core i5-L16G7 Processor CPU (1.40 GHz, up to 3.0 GHz with Turbo Boost, 5 Cores, 5 Threads, 4 MB Cache) with Intel Hybrid Technology. The product is also offered in its home version with Microsoft Windows Home and in its professional versions with Microsoft Windows Professional.

The prototype only needed to demonstrate that the concept worked, was practical, and withstood wear and tear as well as thousands of openings and closures of a ductile “bendable” screen.

For a ThinkPad design, it had to be driven by user experience while embracing our legacy of durability.

The project is focused on the user experience while at the same time embracing the quality legacy of the ThinkPad range. The footprint inside the X1 Fold is smaller than any notebook Lenovo has ever built before, posing unique engineering challenges. Where to put the processor? The memory? How do you keep the temperature and loudness of the fans at bay?

A completely new type of cooling system has been designed from the ground up. The device features a fan, heat sink, and heat spreader, all of which manage airflow directed at the motherboard and components to keep them at optimal temperatures.

Ultimately, the closure of a new line of products opens that time, and the price drop that normally generates massive sales will tell if this format is accepted by customers or remains as one of the proposals of little success that is they throw from time to time.

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