Wish to Transition from Offline to Online Ludo? Here is All You Need to Know

Online Ludo

Who doesn’t love Ludo? This strategy board game is a must-have in every Indian household. You may not find UNO, Monopoly, and other modern board games, but Ludo is enjoyed and played by all.

How is Ludo played?

There’s nobody who doesn’t know how to play Ludo! And the rules for playing Ludo on a board or on your smartphone are somewhat similar. There might be negligible differences because some game developers make the game time-based or offer cash rewards to augment the entertainment value.

However, if you need to rehash the game’s rules, here’s what you must know:

  • Two to four players are needed to play Ludo. Playing it solo is less fun than playing with other players, as this is a competitive board game. Who reaches Home first is the question!
  • Each player is assigned a color (typically red, blue, yellow, and green) with four matching tokens.
  • Players roll the dice, and this determines the movement of the tokens. The tokens remain in the starting area unless the player rolls a six on the dice.
  • If a player’s token lands on a square that is already occupied by someone else’s token, the second player’s token is returned to the starting point.
  • The player who brings all the tokens Home or to the finish line wins the game. Are the game’s rules clear to you? Great! Let’s explore all the things you must know to transition from offline to online Ludo. Reasons why offline Ludo’s popularity is decreasing
  • Not possible to find two to four players whenever someone wants to play Ludo
  • Taking care of the physical Ludo board may be a hassle, and it may deteriorate and get damaged with time
  • The dice and tokens that come with the board game may get lost
  • There’s a chance that players may cheat or take time rolling the dice, which may spoil the fun for others

Why is online Ludo gaining popularity?

Most people prefer playing Ludo online instead of offline because:

  • Online players are readily available to join and play a match. Friends can be invited to the game, or random online opponents will be chosen by the app. Therefore, the fun never stops. Whether you want to play late at night or early morning, there are always players readily available to battle it out.
  • Fair play is almost guaranteed in online Ludo games because the apps are based on random algorithms. There are no possibilities of favoring one player or repetitions. In offline Ludo, it so happens that someone misses their turn because they are not paying attention. This doesn’t happen in online Ludo matches. Also, no player can roll the dice twice because nobody is watching.
  • As long as your phone is connected to the Internet, you can play online games on the fly. There’s no need to look for other players or convince others to play Ludo. For example, you can play online matches while traveling, standing in a queue, or waiting for your food at a restaurant.
  • Online Ludo games offer perfect opportunities to meet and socialize with random players with varying skill levels.
  • Some online Ludo apps run contests that offer cash prizes and massive rewards. Such benefits are non-existent in traditional matches.

How to start playing Ludo online?

Playing Ludo online is as easy as learning ABC.

  • Choose a platform. A quick Google search will reveal a long list of Ludo apps, and you can select your preferred platform. Decide whether you want to play the game online on a website or install an application on your phone to play matches anywhere, at any time.
  • Download the Ludo application or choose to play on the website. Regardless of your decision, sign up on the platform by entering your credentials, like name, email address, phone number, etc. Some platforms even let you sign up using your existing Gmail or Facebook account.
  • Once registered on the platform, click to play the game and choose the type of game you want to play. You can decide whether you want to invite your friends or let the platform connect you with random online opponents.
  • Read the rules on the platform to start playing. If the platform offers cash rewards, find out if you can instantly withdraw your winnings. Some platforms will offer cash rewards and regularly run contests where you can participate. If you are confident of your skills, partake in such contests and tournaments to compete against several players. Naturally, it would be best if you were on top of the leaderboard to win rewards. However, do not go overboard, and whenever there’s money involved, ensure to have a clear budget in your mind. Then, proceed to join tournaments.

Final thoughts

Transitioning from offline to online Ludo is as easy as waking up and choosing to drink coffee instead of tea. There are loads of benefits of online Ludo, such as no need for a physical board or finding other players to join you. Also, you don’t have to turn your home upside-down looking for the tokens and dice. Online Ludo games give you the freedom to quickly connect with other eager players and finish a match within 5 minutes. There’s complete transparency and fair play. Each turn is timed; hence, players cannot unnecessarily make you wait for your turn.If you still have doubts, play an online match and experience the difference yourself.

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