3 Essential Steps To Develop A Video Game


Video game development depends on more than a unique concept and clever graphics. It doesn’t matter if you are building an indie or triple-A game; you must plan and execute various processes to produce a high-quality game people want to play.

The design and development process will require great imagination. Also, the team’s attention to detail, research, and organizational skills will determine the title’s success. Keep reading to learn about the three essential steps to develop a video game. This is also a great resource for students aspiring to learn how to become a game developer.

Step One: Fleshing Out the Concept 

Designing a video game is no different from developing the best online casino games, such as Starburst, Gates of Olympus, and Blackjack. Like online games, it all starts with a great video gaming concept. You will need to ask yourself many questions, such as: 

  • What is the video game genre or subgenre? 
  • What is the game’s target audience?  
  • Is it a 2D or 3D game? 
  • Who are the main and secondary characters? 
  • What are your chosen gaming platforms? 
  • Where and when is the game set? 
  • What are the essential features? 

Once you have answered the above questions, you can work with a gaming studio to estimate its development costs, technological requirements, the size of the game’s dedicated team, monetization options, and the cost of extra services, such as voice actors. 

Step Two: Production 

After fleshing out your idea and estimating the development costs, you can start the production process. During this time, designers, developers, writers, artists, engineers, and project leads will come together to brainstorm how to turn the game into a virtual reality. Different departments must work in harmony to create the best possible video game, which will provide players with a form of escapism. For instance, writers will create the narrative, main characters, and backstories, which they will need to convey to a project lead, who will ensure everyone is on the same page. Also, engineers work with writers to identify any technical restrictions in the story, as they may need to scale back characters or settings. Next, designers and artists will meet to pick the best color palettes, artistic styles, and imagery for the game.  

Once every department has formed the basis of the game, characters will be designed and rendered, immersive gaming environments are built, and extensive coding will begin to bring the game to life. Also, audio will be created, voice actors will record their lines, and project leads will routinely meet with every department to hold every team member accountable for their tasks. 

Step Three: Testing  

A lack of testing is thought to be a primary reason behind the failure of Cyberpunk 2077. After seven years of development that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, the hotly anticipated release proved a PR and financial disaster for the gaming company CD Projekt Red. The game was widely criticized for its “buggy state” and later removed from the PlayStation Store due to poor gameplay and unpopularity. It was a valuable lesson for other gaming companies, as they understood the consequences of limited testing.  

Thorough testing is a form of quality control, as it will ensure every area and level meet gamers’ expectations. It is essential to thoroughly test to provide an exceptional gaming experience that provides a great return on investment. For example, quality assurance testers must flag if the characters can work through walls, become stuck on a spot, and ensure every area is rendered on screen. Also, they must check the dialogue and narrative isn’t boring to encourage players to climb levels, purchase extension packs, and recommend the game to their friends. Do not rush this stage. Testing is a long yet vital process that ensures the game is free of glitches and errors and provides exciting gameplay.

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