3 Great Ways To Get Feedback From Customers


Getting data back from your clients is challenging, but it is a great source of information on the best way to serve your clients. If you can get data on what went wrong, what went right and what you need to fix, your future plans can be easier to structure.

Make it Easy With a Feedback Button

Carefully consider your client base when choosing the format for your website. If you are selling services and products that serve a younger demographic, your feedback button can be formatted in a variety of ways. A dense website full of images, data and moving features may be exactly what you need to keep visitors engaged. If you are seeking business with an older demographic, structuring your website with more visual rest can be much more engaging.

Avoid making your request for feedback a source of irritation. Keep it on every page of your website, but make it unobtrusive and keep it out of the way. Pop-ups in the middle of the page that direct the viewer to a survey when they really want to focus on an image may send folks away from your website for good.

Send a Gentle Reminder

If your service requires that you set up appointments for your clients, you probably have a text message system to remind them of their appointments. Use this option to send a gentle request or reminder for a survey, but make sure you put in a “not interested” response to stop these reminders.

Your business may have a social media presence as well. Consider adding a QR code to promote easy ways to give feedback. To increase the chance for more data, offer a small raffle to reviewers, good or bad, and give away a simple gift card to a popular online retailer. Any client can review; use their appointment history or a receipt code to verify.

Make it Simple

Experts with Podium recommend adding a google review link generator to all your digital platforms. Your requests for a review can show up via

  • text
  • email
  • social media message

Because Google reviews will make it easier for your business to show up when a potential client is looking for your products and services, you want good reviews that are quick to read. To get your current clients to help you in your marketing goals, make sure your contact with them gives them at least two options.

You want to make sure:

1) Your client wants to be surveyed.

2) Your client is willing to allow their survey comments to be used on your website.

Badgering someone into a review is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t get a good one.

When you ask a client for feedback, you’re fundamentally requesting guidance on how to grow your business effectively. It is possible to get feedback that is unusable or unfair. However, once you see a trending problem, you have the chance to address it, thanks to honest feedback.

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