Five Reasons To Create A Business Plan


Structure And Validate Your Project

The primary goal of the business plan is to help you define your project, define what your business will be and its future direction. Clarifying your goals and vision allows you to understand what needs to be done to move forward.

It is, therefore, a reflection exercise that will allow you to answer the essential questions: is there a market & customers for my product? Who is my client? What is the interest and value of my project for him? How much is he willing to pay? How much should I budget to start my business and grow it? How to be profitable?

Communicate And Find Partners

Your business plan is also a great communication tool, intended to convince, with words and figures, future financial partners or others. This document must be flexible and adapted to the context and each interlocutor.

Search For Investors And Financial Partners

The financial part of the Business Plan should show the potential of your business. Investors want solid, concrete numbers, and ideas and passion are not enough. Everyone will want to see complex numbers, whether you’re talking to bankers, private investors, or whatever.

Likewise, if you request particular start-up or take-over aid measures, a business plan will be necessary so that your file can be examined.

Search For Associates or Business Partners

Your business plan will also serve to convince future partners or associates. In this case, it will serve as an alignment tool

Monitor The Evolution of Your Financial Flows

The Business Plan does not guarantee the success of your business, but it will help you manage it better to link your costs, your sales, your expenses, and your debts. It also helps you differentiate between profit and cash.

By following your BP, you don’t wait for things to happen: you anticipate them and plan the appropriate actions according to the context. When you take action, you follow up regularly and, if necessary, correct course whenever things don’t go as planned.

Forecast and Manage Growth

A business plan is a management tool to which it is interesting to refer regularly to ensure that the company remains on the right track, pursues its objectives, and sets the planned operational milestones. The business plan thus becomes a roadmap to be followed in the short, medium, and long term.

Companies that don’t have a plan can more easily go astray, lose sight of their business goals, and find, sometimes too late, that the revenue isn’t keeping up. A plan with spending projections, income forecasts can help you stay on course.

Manage The Business

Above all, a Business Plan is a living document that helps you achieve a predetermined goal. As well as being flexible, it allows you to correct your course if things don’t go as planned.

To maintain control, it is essential to create a dashboard (monthly or quarterly) and compare reality with the forecasts that appear in the business plan.

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