3 professions you didn’t know helped make your mobile phone

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Everything we own is the product of loads of people working together to create something incredible.

A good example of this is our phones – one of the greatest inventions to date. A mini-computer that we can carry around in our pockets that keeps us in contact with our friends, the world around us, and helps us carry our own memories too. 

In fact, it’s difficult to think of a modern-day life without having constant access to the world through the tap of a button. This has made life easier, and knowledge far more attainable. It has created millions of jobs and the potential for an incredible future. However, not many people know the professions that contribute to the making of a mobile phone. 

The truth is, there are so many little jobs and tasks to do to make a mobile phone, it’s difficult to list them all. You have everything, from the scientists that do all of the drop tests and work all of the chemical reactions for the batteries to work to the users who keep the business funded and well run.

They all have their parts to play in the making of a mobile phone, and here are three professions you might not have known were involved with the phone making process. 

1 Graphic Designers

Graphic designers were involved in almost all elements of making your mobile phone. This can be the design of the packaging to the phone itself, the layout of the screen, and even the available fonts on the phone itself. 

Graphic design is almost in every aesthetic aspect of your phone and helps make everything sleek and smooth. It’s a job used massively throughout the process, including the advertisements that you see after the phone has been launched and the website you go to visit to purchase. 

It is probably one of the most overlooked of the larger professions in the making of a mobile phone and carries the whole project forward in both advertising and in the physical makeup of the phone.

2 Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers were another huge part of making your phone. While the graphic designers are hard at work making the phone look and feel nice, the electrical engineers are making it actually work.

They are busy with testing, designing the hardware, and making sure the fiddly bits, such as tantalum capacitors work. They help the hardware of your mobile work and stop it from breaking, as well as ensure all the materials that are being used are beneficial to the wellbeing of the hardware.

3 Software Installation Teams

Software installation teams are the people who install the software on your phones, such as Microsoft or IOS. These help the phones run and keep your digital identity on the phone itself, as well as also helping it run smoothly. Most of this software is proprietary software, meaning that they are copyrighted by the companies that make the phones, for example, IOS is proprietary software of Apple

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