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There are plenty of strategies that can help your TikTok following grow, from collabs with other creators to frequent uploads. However, most of these strategies take time and effort, and they simply don’t move fast enough for some creators. That’s why buying TikTok followers is so common – it’s a way to get instant popularity on the platform.

That being said, some people frown on buying TikTok followers. This is partly because there are far too many shady websites who scam customers, either by giving them bots as fake followers, or by giving them nothing at all. However, this is easy to avoid; just do your research, and choose sites like TikCeleb that have a proven track record of following through for every client.
If you’re interested in growing your TikTok following quickly, there’s nothing wrong with buying followers; in fact, there are several benefits! Keep reading to find out more.

1: It’s an easy way to get instant gratification

Let’s be honest: a big reason why so many people enjoy social media is for the affirmation they get by being popular. With each notification that someone else followed their page, their brains get an extra little hit of dopamine. This may be more true for organically obtained followers, but it still works the same for purchased followers. Even if you know the exact rate you paid for each new follow, other people won’t know that; they’ll just look at your growing following and be impressed by how popular you are! If you wait for this to happen naturally, you could still experience the gratification of a large following eventually. For some, though, it’s preferable to pay for fast results, and enjoy their sizeable following from the beginning.

2: It makes you look more credible

On most social media platforms, a creator’s legitimacy is often directly tied to their follower count. The more successful someone is (as measured by the number of their followers), the more likely other users will be to follow them. It’s this reasoning that often leads people to buy TikTok followers: in order to get more, they need to have more. Some people also say that their content got recommended more after buying followers, which certainly makes this sound like an appealing option.

3: Companies that sell TikTok followers may also sell likes and views

TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t just look at your follower count when determining how popular you are; it also looks at other metrics like how many likes and views each video gets. Many creators decide to buy all three at the same time, for an even greater boost for their TikTok accounts.
This strategy is also better for convincing organic viewers that your following is legitimate. For example, if you have 2,500 followers but only 50 views per video on average, that’s a sign that many of your followers may not be authentic. If your view count is closer to your follower count, however, that’s a much better look for potential new followers.

4: It’s legal and approved by TikTok

Partly thanks to the presence of scam sites, there’s some doubt in people’s minds about whether or not buying TikTok followers is legal. It’s actually 100% legal, and it’s also in line with TikTok’s terms of service as well. However, you should know that the platform may also detect when some of your purchased accounts aren’t genuine, and remove them from your follower list. This can happen even with accounts that were created by real people, if they display certain activity patterns (or lack thereof). Even though they technically allow buying followers, TikTok does take steps to detect and remove accounts that may have been purchased, rather than coming from organic growth.

5: It can help you achieve your goals as a TikTok creator

When someone joins TikTok with the goal of finding success on the platform, they probably have more in mind than just getting a higher follower count. Part of their goal probably includes becoming one of the top creators in a specific niche, or being part of a thriving community online. The question is, how can they get there as quickly as possible? If they’re open to using every tool that’s available to them, buying TikTok followers will likely be on the list. Even if it doesn’t immediately lead to organic growth, it can help move things in that direction more quickly.

Buying TikTok followers, likes, and views FAQ

Those who haven’t bought TikTok followers before usually have some questions about how it works – here are the most common ones.

  • Will buying followers, likes, or views get me banned on TikTok?

Definitely not! While your followers list may get shortened a bit if the platform decides that some of the users aren’t valid, you won’t get any penalties if you buy followers, likes, or views.

  • How many followers should I buy at once?

It may seem tempting to beef up your following as quickly as possible, but this can actually indicate to other users that you’re buying followers. After all, going up by 2,000 followers every week on the dot just doesn’t happen naturally. Instead, go for smaller increments, and vary your buying patterns. It’s also a good idea to do the same thing with likes or views if you’re purchasing them as well.

  • How can I avoid scams when buying TikTok followers?

This is actually pretty easy; simply look for recommendations from sites that you trust, or check out online reviews. If a site you’re considering has scammed people in the past, there are likely to be negative online reviews about it.

  • Can businesses buy TikTok followers?

Buying followers on TikTok can benefit any type of account, including businesses.

  • Can I grow my account solely through buying followers, likes, and views?

You’ll see some temporary growth from purchasing followers, likes, or views, but it’s best to use these as a way to fuel organic growth. That’s the best way to build a sustainable following, which is really the end goal of every successful TikToker!

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