How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic And Sales In e-commerce


Advertisers usually reach for proven social networks or advertising systems When they think about channels that could boost their sales and bring new potential customers to the web. Performance channels such as Meta, Google or price comparators are gradually becoming a standard that should not be missing from any company’s marketing strategy. Other platforms, which are often neglected, offer a better competitive advantage in the form of a lower price for advertising or greater advertising visibility.
Recently, especially in the digital environment, it has become a trend to focus more and more on eye-catching and attractive visual content. Social networks are growing in popularity among users every year, and thus the number of advertisers who try to impress their target audience with personalized advertising also increases. Suppose people are looking for ideas for recipes, interior design, free time or other inspirations. In that case, they will look at the new things on the Pinterest board and the usual Instagram or TikTok.

Which Advertiser Is Pinterest Suitable For, And How To Score On It

Pinterest is a very specific platform where the visual content just mentioned is the most important. Therefore, consider whether you can also present your product appropriately so the target audience is interested. To begin with, you can only test a few product categories that you think have the greatest potential for success.
When targeting, always try to focus as much as possible on a specific audience and personalize the content as much as possible. The creation of personas will also help you define what your potential customer is interested in, their purchasing behaviour, or their demographic data. All this information will subsequently help you better set up the campaign itself and create relevant creative, which is the most important bridge between the platform and your e-shop.

Have You Decided To Sell on Pinterest Yet?

As with other platforms, it is necessary to create a company account. However, Pinterest’s user interface is intuitive and simple, so even a beginner should have no problem getting started with advertising. However, if you do not feel up to it, contact a specialist or a marketing agency, who will certainly be happy to help you with the settings or professional advice. 

First, it is important to upload the product catalogue to the created store so that your products can be displayed in all places where users shop – on the board, from search or pins. If you have quality content ready, you can promote it through paid advertising. It differs from regular posts only by the “Sponsored” label. 

When creating a campaign, it is very important to define its goal, which determines what advertising formats will be available to you during creation. After choosing the target, the basic setting of the campaign follows, including defining the target group to which the advertisement will be displayed. You can choose acquisition, where you focus on acquiring new potential customers who don’t know your brand yet or retargeting.

This retargets users who have already viewed your products or performed a certain action, for example, placing a product in the cart. In addition to specifying the target group in more detail, you can also focus on specific keywords closely related to your products.

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