Advantages Of Promoting Teleworking Among Your Workers


Nowadays, many companies see more and more interesting the option of allowing their employees to work from home. Promoting teleworking among professionals offers the possibility of better reconciling work and family life as well as having more time to, for example, train and improve learning that allows better performance in the company. Teleworking has numerous advantages for both employees and the companies themselves, such as the possibility of enabling workers to organize their schedule as long as the work is established at a particular time and does not affect performance.

Currently, teleworking is offered in many companies, regardless of the sector to which they belong, since most of the daily tasks do not require the worker’s physical presence in a specific place. Workers can carry out their work remotely thanks to the digital transformation. Their home is their office. However, this does not prevent them from participating in the company’s daily schedule in virtual meetings, calls, emails and decision-making in real-time. However, some sectors that promote teleworking is an almost impossible task, such as customer service. The employee is forced to work in person due to functions such as receiving clients at the office that prevent them from working from home. Below we analyze all the advantages that teleworking offers both for employees and for the company.

Lower Cost In Facilities And Infrastructures

The costs for facilities and furniture represent the second-highest value in the budget items of most companies. Therefore, more and more companies are promoting teleworking. Instead of assigning employees a permanent position in the office, they reserve it only for the days they need it. In this way, the company only pays for the space it needs to establish its office, which is much smaller and thus eliminates a multitude of expenses such as utilities, insurance, taxes, cleaning, maintenance, repair or security.

Accelerate Business Speed

The ability of a company to flexibly increase staff and tasks is a weapon of great competitive power. Teleworking allows workers to be located in the areas or regions where they do business, providing more effective support and achieving greater control over it. In this way, a global strategy where work follows the schedules of different countries through offshoring allows companies to achieve productivity 24 hours, seven days a week.

Business Continuity

Companies that offer telework to their employees must guarantee them uninterrupted access to all the data and applications that are necessary for them. A well-developed virtual structure that allows maintaining good teleworking conditions will provide an efficient basis to keep the business running in the face of any interruption, planned or not, such as a maintenance task or a natural disaster.

Work Without Borders

Teleworking offers the possibility of creating multi-geographic work teams made up of managers, clients and partners from different companies from various locations. Until a few years ago, these teams worked through conferences or meetings that they held in person in a specific place, and that involved a significant investment of time and money, forcing members to spend a lot of time outside their homes. Now, teleworking offers the possibility of carrying out all these meetings and meetings digitally, saving on the costs and time that these trips require.

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Recruit The Best Employees

All companies that want to hire new personnel must face a generational change that brings a large number of highly qualified professionals who are perfectly knowledgeable about new technologies. The teleworking modality allows hiring personnel beyond geographical limitations, allowing the most talented employees to be obtained regardless of residence.

Increase Employee Retention Rate

When an employee adopts telecommuting, employment, personal business, and family life are rarely kept separate. Mobile work policies offer workers the flexibility they need to balance work and family life. This formula is beneficial for the company as it allows employees to increase their performance while keeping them satisfied and predisposed to continue working thanks to good working conditions.

Running a business is not a simple matter. To increase job performance and retain talent, it is essential to allow optimal work and family reconciliation conditions for workers. Thanks to the advantages offered by new technologies, it is possible to achieve this. In addition to teleworking, other tools can help you automate other management processes in your company.

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