Roles And Responsibilities Of The Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Of A Company: Why Is It Important?

If the company is a garden, Human Resources are the gardeners. Their job is to properly select the seeds to be planted, carefully choosing those that, due to their conditions and faculties, are more likely to germinate, with the aim that the company flourishes and bears fruit.

Human Resources departments are not all the same; they must constantly adapt to the needs and objectives of the company they are a part of. Despite this, there are a series of standard functions and responsibilities in all of them. If you want to know them, keep reading!

Functions of An HR Department

Planning and Selection of Personnel

Following the company’s needs, the personnel templates are prepared, anticipating possible needs in the medium and long term. The roles and responsibilities of workers are also defined. Once this is finished, what is perhaps the essential function of the HR department begins the selection of personnel. Candidates must be rigorously analyzed to determine whether or not they fit what the company is looking for at that time, studying their qualities, capabilities, areas of potential growth… This process is expensive.

Personnel Administration

It encompasses all the administrative management, such as the execution of contracts, payroll management, social security, leave and vacation management, overtime, sick leave, changes in the workforce, etc.

Evaluation and Development

It includes the creation of development programs and the responsibility to ensure the commitment and dedication of employees. Talent management guarantees the development of the potential of workers so that they continue in the company.

Staff Training

Among the functions of Human Resources, there is also that of studying the teams’ training needs to develop knowledge and skills and make the relevant training available to employees. The goal is for workers to develop their full potential and be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Labor Relations

It is about solving the labor problems between the company and the workers, using their representatives as interlocutors (works council, unions…). They also take care of guarantee that there are no inequalities and that there is a balance between all the employees of the same company.

Responsibilities Of The HR Department

To guarantee the correct functioning of the company, the Human Resources department must face a series of responsibilities:

Promote Internal Communication

The HR department cannot be perceived as a closed entity, and internal communication must be encouraged. It would help if you interacted at all times with employees and other departments and attended to claims, queries, or requests. The type of communication depends on the management style and can be downward, upward, or horizontal.

Create a Code of Conduct

A series of rules must govern the company’s code of ethics. All workers must know and comply to ensure a good work environment.

Work Environment

This is another of the most critical aspects for HR departments: knowing the company’s work environment through worker surveys and drawing up action plans based on the results. The goal is to improve the job satisfaction of workers.

Sections Of The Human Resources Department

The human resources department is divided into sub-departments dedicated to different specialties in the area. It is generally divided into two large sub-departments: one that combines the sections or specialties known as soft (soft) and the sub-department that collects the challenging specialties.

For example, some sections or soft specialties that we can find are:

And, within hard, sections or specialties such as:

  • Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Labor Relations

However, it is essential to note that not all companies find the human resources department divided by areas or specialties, depending on the organization’s size. In those of smaller size, it is common to find human resources departments where the same professional is dedicated to different sections or specialties. The department comprises lawyers, psychologists, economists, communicators, accountants, and sociologists, among others.

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