Automated Marketing – Keys to Conquer Your Customers and Their Portfolio


Marketing Automation, also known as Marketing Automation, is a technology that above all will help you increase your sales volume and new customers. That easy.

In an era in which “old-fashioned” sales have stopped working and in which it is essential to adapt to the new environment, betting on effective online marketing strategies that are supported by advanced work tools is already a necessity for the business tissue.

We have gone relatively quickly from a purely transactional sales model to a model where the sale is 100% personalized, emotional and relational and in which to get a customer, just having a good product or service is no longer enough.

Now also, you have to:

  • Educate your potential clients
  • Accompany them in their purchase process
  • Influence your purchase decision
  • Generate a great brand image on it before purchase

And this, if you have 1, 5 or at most 10 budget requests a week, a sales team can do it almost without problems. But, what would happen if when doing an advertising campaign on the internet you find yourself with hundreds of weekly budget requests?

Could you serve all of them with the same level of quality and attention? Probably not, but I assure you that Marketing Automation will do wonders if you combine it properly with your marketing and sales team.

If you really want to win over your customers and reach their portfolio, if you want to multiply the number of monthly Leads you get and multiply the customer conversion rate, you are going to need much more than a well-prepared sales and marketing team.

What Is Marketing Automation?

We could say that Marketing Automation is the set of processes within an online marketing strategy that are automated through specialized tools, with the aim of increasing the volume of Leads and customers.

Thus, Marketing Automation relies mainly on mailing as a channel that helps to add value to your potentials and influence their purchase decisions, allowing:

  • Predefined emails that will be sent when conditions that you establish are executed
  • Control the flow of emails that you are going to send according to their timing (every day, every week, every month …)
  • Providing value in each email with information of interest to your potentials
  • In Workflow, that is, based on the behavior of your users.
  • Encouraging interaction and generating digital trust in your brand.

Advantages of Marketing Automation for Your Sales Strategy

There are really many advantages that Marketing Automation brings to your sales process, but let me mention the ones that I think are the main ones:

  • Reduction of time dedicated to online marketing and sales strategy by your team
  • Reduction of the average purchase decision-making time by your potentials.
  • It allows you to add value on a recurring basis to your contacts, influencing their purchase decision towards your brand and your products.
  • Cost savings
  • Better knowledge of your target audience and their buying behaviors
  • Higher level of interaction with your potentials as well as improvement of the brand image and digital trust in your company
  • Higher level of achievement of leads
  • Increase in the conversion rate to sales

And of course, don’t forget that the different Marketing Automation tools allow you to carry out a continuous Lead Scoring of your contacts, to know when they are mature and ready to receive a personalized offer from your company, with a high probability of purchase.

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Examples of Automations That May Interest You

I want to show you three examples of very effective Marketing Automation processes, which we usually use in our company, both with clients who sell services and with ecommerce.

Automations For Service Companies 

There are two automations that I recommend that you start up as soon as possible, as they are extremely effective.

Request For Information

You can take advantage of the moment when a user makes a request for a quote through the form on your website to start a simple automation.

In it, and in parallel to your sales team preparing the proposal and entering the negotiation phase, you can send your empower a series of emails that add value and bring your brand closer to that potential customer.

In our case, we send 4 emails specifically, one every 3 days.

  • The first, a welcome email where we also send you our corporate presentation and a document with two real success stories.
  • In the next three emails, we send you training pills based on a digital strategy, explaining which areas and phases you would have to work on.

Achievement of Leads

It is much easier, cheaper and more effective to get Leads than to work for direct sales.

Thanks to Marketing Automation you can start actions aimed at offering your potentials something that you know has important value for them, at a cost of 0. Of course, they will have to leave you their data (email and name at least) in exchange.

In this way, you can enter it in your Sales Funnel and initiate Automation actions focused on converting it into a customer.

  • Ebooks
  • Product / service demos or betas
  • Specialized consultancies
  • Videos, courses and Masterclas

Automations For Online Stores

In this case, the deployment model for Marketing Automation actions is different, since they are mainly based on avoiding “leaks” from the online store and on selling in the short term, which is why they tend to be much shorter processes.

Recovery of Abandoned Shopping Carts

The volume of abandoned carts in an online store can reach up to 70%, so with a simple Marketing Automation tool, we can greatly reduce this percentage.

In this case, the Automation tools for ecommerce allow working with both registered users and anonymous users (the first time they come to the web), achieving a greater volume of Leads as well as reducing leaks from the online store and conversion to sales.

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