Benefits Of Employee Training In 2022


According to a recently published report, that confirms that with the most progress in developing digital skills. We are leaders as leaders in the progress of the advancement in the integration of digital technology in companies. What does that imply? Employee training. Expand the digital skills and competencies of employees, a process that must start at the C-Level since it is the level that drives this transformation.

Giving added value to employees is a way of making them feel part of the company, and the company will also benefit from the professional growth of its employees. As Henry Ford once said: “There is only one thing more expensive than training people and having them leave: not training them and having them stay”. Data? 43% of companies choose to train internal staff when implementing AI solutions in their business.

What Are The Benefits of Employee Training?


Training employees will allow them to have new skills and knowledge, which may be the factor that arouses their curiosity in new areas that they can apply to their daily work, which will make their work improve. An example could be the training of the Marketing team or Managers in analytics. Why? Their vision of the business will be expanded, and they will discover that they can analyze the data resulting from their department and make decisions based on figures and even new products arising in the business or synergies with other departments or potential collaborators.


But training a person implies that they acquire new knowledge, but it can also lead to the discovery or improvement of specific skills. This is key in the environment of continuous change in which all sectors find themselves since they are more directly or indirectly affected by Revolution 4.0. The application of new technologies, new work methodologies, more innovation and disruptive workspaces make it necessary for today’s professionals to have specific skills and, above all, the ability to adapt to change.


The new work methodologies are adapted to each organization in all companies. Training the Human Resources department in Agile methodologies will improve product quality and detect errors early, which means greater productivity. Indeed, a well-formed team is more productive.

Having a staff receiving continuous training on the most cutting-edge topics from great active professionals will undoubtedly make the company’s competitiveness maximum and continuously growing. Train internal talent and know-how to find and retain the new talent necessary to carry out the transformation of the company, something key at this time.


Offering training to those employees who are fundamental, not essential, in the company will be a way of, in addition to improving their knowledge and skills, that they feel linked to the company. A talent drain can be the lack of commitment to employees, and perhaps not everything can be solved with high compensation. An employee who notices that his company cares and invests in him and his professional career will be happy and satisfied in his job.


With training, both employee and employer benefit. And when we talk about employee training, we are referring to the executive or intermediate level and the senior management level. The Management Committee is aware that the keys to digital transformation in the company is essential in this time of digital metamorphosis. Discovering the benefits of entrepreneurship, the technological keys for digitization and how this change will affect the creation of products and services, work processes, the relationship with the client and the culture and organization of the company is essential.

It should also be borne in mind that to complement the In-Company Training, for a specific implementation of transformation processes, a particular, specialized talent is needed and, on many occasions, scarce in the market. Many companies want to take the step of change but are faced with the problem of not locating professionals with the specific skills that their company needs. 

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