6 Digital Skills That You Should Improve


Have you noticed that information and communication technologies are invading our personal and professional lives?

Not all of us have well-developed digital skills, and we need training support that gives us knowledge and experience and balance in the use of new technologies.

Read on, and we’ll help you detect what kind of competition you need to reinforce to keep up with and compete with digital natives.

New Training Opportunities in Digital Skills

Social Media

Are you one of those who are constantly aware of your social networks? If so, you will surely be interested in knowing professional tools to manage them. In addition, to work in this area, you must also handle planning documents such as the marketing plan and the communication plan and carry out the pertinent measurements to know if you are achieving the objectives stated. I recommend you learn this knowledge in virtual community management training or other more specific to the profile of the Community manager, such as the details of the networks on a day-to-day basis or the search for leaders and influencers.


If concepts such as CRM, html, loading times or woocommerce-type platforms, or Prestashop sound like Chinese, you don’t know the details of how e-commerce works. As a user, you limit yourself to accessing your favorite websites and ordering your purchases, but would you know how to register a product in a virtual store?

To make the leap from consumer to ecommerce professional, you have several options. As in the offline world, a business needs different profiles. In this way, you can delve into web development and design to compose the virtual store and provide it with digital content, or you can access a more commercial profile by taking an e-commerce course.

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Search Engine Optimization

We use Google in 92% of internet searches. Have you thought about what you should do to appear in them? If you haven’t, or you don’t know the answer, you need to know more about web positioning, also called SEO (Search engine optimization). Both internally on the web (what we call SEO on-page) and externally (what we call SEO off-page), you must work hard so that Google takes you into account and your website appears in prominent positions. Ideal training for someone who starts with their company and needs to improve their digital skills in positioning is the web positioning course for entrepreneurship. In addition to the techniques, it will also help you measure and achieve objectives through google Analytics.

Internet Security

Since we are talking about the Internet and its advantages, you must also know its dangers and deal with them. Security does not only depend on good use of access passwords; there is a whole world in SSL protocols, firewalls, and servers’ professional use. If you are interested in this field, being an Internet security specialist can give you a professional boost.

Business Intelligence

As we advance in digital skills, things get more complicated. We started talking about the most common uses in networks. Now we are fully immersed in the business and corporate uses of new technologies. The large amount of data collected today on the Internet requires specialized jobs in analysis and artificial intelligence applied to business. If you are interested in concepts such as data mining or data warehouse (mining and data warehouses), a Business Intelligence course that combines project architecture and its management will be ideal.

Agile Methodologies For Work

It’s easy for you not to know what agile methodologies mean. They are new ways of working. The linearity of a project is lost, which is broken down, seeking faster and more efficient coordination to seek a fast delivery of the final product and aligned with the desired objective. This type of methodology was born in software companies to shorten times, seek efficiency, and implement other sectors. If you are constantly trying to update yourself and are interested in productivity and organization, a SCRUM course will provide you with the foundations to introduce you to agile methodologies.

After this review of several of the necessary digital skills in any insurance sector that you have verified that you need to update yourself in any of them, to do so, assert your rights as a worker and use the training courses for employment that we organize free for you with the endorsement of the Ministry of Labor. Choose the one that best suits the digital skills that you have detected that you should work on.


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