Benefits of Installing Fluorescent Light Filters

Fluorescent lights are everywhere these days, and that’s a good thing. They’re more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and much longer-lasting, which makes them better for both the environment and property owners’ budgets.

Lately, scientific research has been uncovering some concerning the health effects of excessive exposure to fluorescent light. It can cause eye strain, impaired focus, headaches, migraines, vertigo, and light-headedness in specially susceptible consumers, which is a problem not just in homes, but also in offices, retail stores, and classrooms, where these lights are especially popular. Light filters can alleviate these problems.

Reduce Eye Strain

Fluorescent lights can create a lot of glare, which disrupts people’s vision. This places an unhealthy strain on the eyes, leading to visual fatigue, headaches, or even migraines. Installing light filters like those sold at Make Great Light will diffuse the fluorescent light, getting rid of that glare and removing problems with vision and headaches.

Absorb UV Rays

Unlike some types of lighting, fluorescent lights produce UV radiation, just like the sun does. Subjecting the body to too much UV radiation is a risk factor for numerous health conditions. UV light can also cause fabrics and other susceptible materials to fade prematurely.

Light filters absorb UV rays to alleviate the health problems associated with this aspect of fluorescent lights’ operation. Limiting exposure to UV light can help to reduce flare-ups in consumers who suffer from lupus. Lupus flare-ups can cause unpleasant symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, tingling, and numbness that can last for hours, days, or weeks, but the installation of light filters is a great way for patients to protect themselves.

Create Full-Spectrum Light

Regular fluorescent lamps and bulbs do not provide full-spectrum light. That can be problematic in households, offices, or classrooms where occupants spend most of their days inside. Exposure to full-spectrum light like that produced by the sun helps the body regulate sleep cycles and mood swings.

Since fluorescent bulbs produce more blue light than is the sun, they don’t mimic natural light exposure. Light filters alter the quality of fluorescent bulbs, tubes, and lamps to reduce blue light emission and produce a full spectrum of light so that occupants can take advantage of its many benefits.

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Regulate Hormones

The reason human bodies need to be exposed to full-spectrum light to stay healthy is that it helps to regulate hormone production. Keeping hormone levels healthy doesn’t just make it easier to sleep well at night, it also helps to reduce stress.

Installing fluorescent light filters will increase the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating consumers’ sleep-wake cycles. It will also decrease the production of cortisol and other stress hormones, leading to a reduction in stress and anxiety and improving occupants’ moods.

Improved Academic Performance

Almost every classroom in America has fluorescent lights. Since these types of bulbs and tubes can affect focus and student performance, just about everyone has been looking for a solution.

Most schools can’t afford to remove existing fluorescent lights and replace them with more expensive LEDs or install more windows to let in natural light, nor can they afford the operational costs associated with going back to incandescent bulbs. Installing light filters is a much more cost-effective solution.

Filtering out the blue light will help to reduce eye strain and associated headaches, keep students’ morale up, and help them focus on the tasks at hand. The end result? Better academic performance.

Improve Productivity at Work

Students aren’t the only ones who need to be able to focus without having to worry about health problems like eye strain, headaches, and lupus flare-ups. Office workers are equally susceptible to the health and behavioral problems associated with fluorescent lights. Business owners who invest in fluorescent light filters will find that their employees are happier, healthier, more focused, and better able to stay productive and on-task.

Avoid Sleep Disruptions at Home

When fluorescent lights are found in residential homes, problems with hormone regulation and sleep disruption can become even more serious. That doesn’t mean homeowners need to spend a fortune on replacing all the light fixtures in their houses. It’s much more cost-effective for homeowners to install light filters and continue using the fluorescent lamps they already have.

Softer Light Looks Better

Many consumers complain about white light’s harsh qualities. What they actually mean is that the heavy emphasis on blue light gives an unnatural hue to their surroundings and makes everything look washed out. Installing light filters will soften the quality of light produced by fluorescent lamps and bulbs, restoring a normal appearance to the insides of homes, schools, offices, and retail stores that use these fixtures.

For business owners who work in customer service, that can make a huge difference. Appearance is everything in the retail world. Filtering fluorescent light so that customers get a better impression of the products can help to boost sales. When combined with reduced eye strain, headaches, and other worrying health symptoms, the benefit of softer light should be enough to convince any business owner that light filters are a good investment.

Avoid Problems with Depression

Constant exposure to unfiltered fluorescent lights can contribute to depression and other mood disorders. This can be especially problematic in the winter when consumers who already struggle with the seasonal affective disorder must deal with the perfect storm of less natural sunlight and cold temperatures driving them indoors. Filtering out some of the blue light produced by fluorescent bulbs and lamps can help to reduce problems with depression and seasonal affective disorder.

The Bottom Line

Fluorescent bulbs and tubes provide enough benefits to consumers and business owners that they’re still a good option despite the health impacts associated with unfiltered fluorescent light exposure. It makes much more sense to resolve these problems by installing light filters than it does to spend a fortune replacing fluorescent fixtures. That’s true whether property owners need to improve the atmosphere of schools, businesses, or residential homes. Thankfully, there are plenty of effective and attractive options available online so property owners can resolve the problem with ease.

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