IOS 14 – Upcoming Innovations With It

IOS 14

In autumn 2020 the time has come when Apple will provide iOS 14 in the last model for free download. All iPhones that additionally run iOS 13 are compatible. This starts offevolved with the iPhone 6s and additionally consists of the iPhone XR and the iPhone SE (2020). The listing with the improvements is pretty interesting, due to the fact the Californian enterprise has additionally integrated many seen changes. But what precisely do they appear like?

The new widgets

The iPhone can additionally cope with widgets below iOS 13, however, these are usually on a separate page. That adjustments with the successor, due to the fact now the widgets can in the end be built-in “normally” into the pages of the domestic screen. The measurement can of path be set variably so that a widget, for example, is the dimension of 4 apps and appears like a square. A rectangle is additionally possible. A distinct characteristic of the function is that numerous widgets can be stacked on the pinnacle of every different and can be browsed through. This saves the house and is extraordinarily effective.

A better overview of the app media library

Not solely are the widgets new on the domestic screen, however additionally the app media library. This is an app overview that is positioned on the some distance proper and is divided into folders. The classification is carried out via the running machine itself, together with the folders “Creativity”, “Health & Fitness” and “Others”. You can additionally search the app media library the use of a search bar of the equal title at the top. If you press it, the apps are lined up in listing shape and the keyboard naturally additionally appears.

Siri, incoming calls, etc. no longer take up the entire screen

In preceding versions of iOS, when Siri was once started, the voice assistant would take up the whole screen. But that wasn’t clearly necessary, which Apple has now seen and changed. To be greater precise, Siri now solely seems as a small ball in the decrease center, and the outcomes are displayed in pop-up windows. The precept was once additionally utilized in different places, for instance with incoming calls.

To be fair, it should be stated that the thinking did now not come from Apple. Samsung used to be a pioneer with its very own Android interface, One UI.

Many more changes

The three points cited are essentially the predominant factors and seen to the user. But there are many greater factors that the Californian employer has labored on. For example, the maps app in iOS 14 can deal with bike routes and conversations can be pinned to the pinnacle of the messages app. The iPhone can additionally be used as a digital automobile key (an built-in U1 chip is required here, however) and there is an offline translation function. The AirPods (only the first technology is out) additionally advantage from iOS 14, due to the fact the headphones can adapt the audio sign to the head motion with the update.

The “App Clips” are additionally interesting. Behind it are small purposes that locate their way to the iPhone through QR code or NFC. The major factor is that they neither have to be downloaded nor installed. This is beneficial when an app is solely wished for a brief time. Without the “app clips”, it would have to be laboriously downloaded, set up and then uninstalled again. The feasible utility eventualities are varied, for instance they can be used to purchase a espresso drink or to preserve the menu in a restaurant.

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