What is Business Intelligence & Cloud Computing


Use of company data to facilitate precise decision-making within it by knowing its operation and its strengths and weaknesses, thus supporting business decisions. It has a clear strategic focus and is destined to gain a favorable advantage over competitors.

The smart tool uses an information system made up of data extracted from production data, company information, and economic data. This system is the ETL system (extract, transform, and load) and it works by extracting data from different sources preparing them for loading into a data warehouse. 

In this way, query-based representations are made possible to create a dashboard for reporting.

Examples and more information

BI can put in place both for large companies and for small.

For example, in a clothing store, if we want to build customer loyalty, we must have an adequate analysis of it, such as its marital status, age, geographic location, consumption habits, etc. For this, discount cards or loyalty cards are very effective, where we obtain customer data. 

Also if we apply it to an SME like ReasonWhy, we can study what are the hours where there is the most audience and therefore from there establish working hours and know which day is the most appropriate to have it as a break.

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Cloud Computing

System data storage in the “cloud” (virtual space) to which access a server using the Internet as a communication channel.

It can be accessed from any place and device that has a network connection regardless of the operating system available. Its advantages are connecting anywhere in the world, making the information you need accessible at all times, and reducing the costs of maintaining a physical storage system. Its disadvantages include the need for an Internet connection and the possibility of loss or dissemination of information in the event of an account hack.

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