Call To Action – 5 Tips For Inviting Your Customers


To have the best possible effect on readers, there are a few things to keep in mind.

In e-mails or on websites, the Call to Action is usually aimed at a click and is usually on a designed button. As a result, it immediately catches the eye and cannot be overlooked. But also in print mailings, it is advisable to choose a design that stands out from the rest. Pay attention to the positioning, especially in digital media: A button should always be in the visible area, even without the user having to scroll.

However, the effectiveness of a call to Action is mainly determined by the type of formulation. If you follow a few simple tips, you can easily encourage your customers to take the desired Action:

Formulate I-messages:

Call to Action usually address customers with “you” or “you”. However, I-messages are more appealing. “Create my account” animates more than “create your account“.

Convey The Added Value:

Especially online, it should be clear what the click of a button will bring the customer. “Secure offer here” is much more activating than a simple “click here“.

Communicate Advantages:

Before an Internet user clicks on a Call to Action, he asks himself what the Action will bring him. It is therefore ideal if the request already reveals this. So combine clear messages with attractive advantages: “Subscribe to the newsletter here and secure a discount“.

Name The Response Channel:

Combine the request with naming the response paths. So write “Call now at Some number X” instead of just “Call now” so that the reader knows immediately what and how to do it.

Use Power Words:

To get the reader to follow a call to Action, address positive emotions. So-called power words are, for example, “new”, “free”, “fast” and “benefit”. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Apply the tips in your next mailing and see if the number of customer reactions improves. If you need support, we are, of course, happy to be there for you!

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