These Are The Cybercriminals’ Psychological Tricks

How do hackers get someone else’s access data and passwords? You ask for it. Flattery, dangerous curiosity or misunderstood willingness to help, especially in the run-up to Christmas, can be the door opener. HP names the six most common psychological tricks used by cybercriminals. Social engineering attacks – the art of getting someone to do […]

Logical Computer Security – Basic Principles And Fundamental Policies

Information in its broadest meaning is today one of the essential elements for the development and growth of any organization’s business. The current social and commercial interconnection makes information security an essential element, as information is increasingly exposed to a growing number and variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Consequently, adequate and effective protection is needed. […]

The Value Of Wireless WANs

Digitization, which has accelerated due to the corona pandemic, is driving the transition from wired networks to wireless WANs. What opportunities do wireless WANs offer? SD-WAN technology creates new possibilities for enterprise networks by consolidating multiple network functions to reduce hardware and operational costs. In addition, the technology supports various WAN links, making the network […]

Cybersecurity Is An Urgent Challenge For Companies

The interest in cybersecurity is increasing, but betting on it to prevent attacks and unexpected threats is still something pending in many companies. Cybersecurity is the set of tools, policies, security measures, and technologies aimed at protecting information assets and users of an organization from malicious attacks or threats in the cyber environment, ensuring that […]

How To “Protect” Your Business?

Every entrepreneur sets up their business to generate profit. But fewer of them anticipate that worse periods may come into the business. Everyone who has started their own business works daily to make their business prosper. However, in practice, you will quickly find that this effort is not always enough. There are risks associated with […]

5 Essential Physical Security Measures Your Business Needs to Implement

In 2020 and most of 2021, business security was been a hot topic. We’d been through COVID restrictions and many businesses faced closure for months at a time. This made many business owners turn their attention to various aspects of their business, including their physical security and ensuring that they don’t come under the threat […]

Ten Simple Tips To Improve IT Security In The Company

IT security is often underestimated in companies, although it can often be significantly and cheaply improved significantly. Arguments like “know who I’d be interested in” or “I don’t have time for” are just excuses. The risk of attacks and troubleshooting costs are higher than you think. After a pair of articles on mobile security – […]

Watch Your Favorite Disney Movies From Anywhere With A Free VPN

The virtual private network is growing at a tremendous rate. Consumers and businesses from all over the world are using VPNs to enhance their privacy and safety. With the popularity of streaming services, many people want to view free Disney plus considering its high price. Do you want to stream your favorite Disney movies for […]

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