A New Rise In Password Theft – Here’s How To Protect Yourself From It

Lately, a new rise in the number of fraudulent software (also known as “malware“) allowing theft of passwords has prompted cybersecurity analysts to sound the alarm, warning users against identity theft, especially for companies that lack the necessary protections. Malware does not operate the same way as raw threats: users infected with these password-stealing malware […]

Why Do Data Breaches Happen, And How To Protect?

More and more companies face high fines due to data protection violations. Therefore, taking a closer look at the causes of data protection violations and preventive measures to prevent them is worthwhile.  Nowadays, leaks of personal data are a phenomenon that we encounter both in our private and working lives. Anyone who processes personal data […]

The Top 100 Companies, Such As Visa, PayPal & Co., Rely On New Technologies Such As Blockchain & NFTs.

The change in digitization is omnipresent. What was once science fiction has now become a reality in many ways. Today’s blog post deals with crypto services, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs and their opportunities for countries, companies, and users. We also give an insight into the current top 100 companies worldwide and their plans. Businesses In […]

Cybersecurity Tips For Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday And Christmas

Always on the prowl, cybercriminals are gearing up to take advantage of this surge in digital activity. They know very well how to create attractive lures that are dangerous for the less experienced and can deceive the most seasoned buyers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the starting signal for Christmas shopping. This year, inflation […]

Cybersecurity – Benefits Of Its Use And How To Prevent An Attack

Investing in cybersecurity, benefits, and how to defend against cyber attacks is crucial for companies that want to protect their operations and guarantee compliance with their objectives. Cybersecurity has become an essential point within companies. What Is Cybersecurity? In recent years, attacks on company computer systems have increased, and the widespread use of technological means […]

Why Cybersecurity Needs Ethical Hacking

External experts, so-called ethical hackers or white hats, can carry out penetration tests to put the vulnerability of a company’s IT to the test. But many organizations shy away from the effort and expense—six arguments favour penetration testing. Many companies have recognized the importance of cyber security. In principle, any company can now become the […]

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