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Digital Media – Help Further Education, And Training

Digitization, online shops, and websites are still topics that are more of a deterrent than a joy for many. It is not easy for restaurateurs and local retailers to fight for survival at the same time and to get their digital media in shape during this particular time. Instagram and Co. For Retail Websites are […]

Importance Of Training In Digital Skills

Digital transformation is here to stay. Companies are increasingly using technological and digital tools that help them streamline processes. Today’s day is full of screens, applications, and devices that make our lives easier. Knowing how to handle the different digital tools is the key to being up to date, both from an individual and business […]

How Do We Prepare For a Digital Future?

Those who sail downwind of digital transformation and use it correctly can actively shape future changes and head towards a promising future. It is not surprising that companies are advancing in their digital transformations. But how do you get the most out of digitization? And how to navigate the sea of ​​digital disruption? Resilience In […]

Can You Completely Erase Your Traces on The Internet?

Of course, the many headlines about hacker attacks and data theft are worrying, especially when supplemented with stories about how private data is sold on the dark web. However, according to experts, the threat posed by the Dark Web is overstated. believes that we are less likely to fall victim to the dark web and […]

Pros and Cons: Virtual Events vs Physical Events

Many marketers are asking themselves whether to invest their money in virtual events or physical ones. Marketers are asking themselves if it is worth hosting an event on a new virtual event management platform or if they should stick to tried-and-true models that have worked for them for years.The answer lies somewhere in the middle. […]

Reasons To Bet On Digitization

Does the Internet of Things ring a bell? The robotization? Machine learning? Business Intelligence? Surely yes. Furthermore, they all have one thing in common: technology and innovation as the primary basis of work and operation. We are facing an environment with a high level of competitiveness, highly qualified professionals, and a large amount of information […]

Why Does The Digital Transformation Leader Course Matter?

Since the days of analog, a lot has changed. Everything is or will be digital. These days, it’s impossible to imagine life without access to digital news sources or any industry, be it healthcare, fashion, or anything else. They’ve all been affected by digital transformation. Digital speed is up to five times faster than a […]

The Digital Workplace In Finance Departments

Employees spend too much time looking for things every day, and information on documents and processes is difficult or impossible to access. The digital workplace or the digital workplace can connect specialist systems such as ERP applications with ECM systems in finance departments. This enables you to use information faster and better. Providing information in […]

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