Importance Of Training In Digital Skills


Digital transformation is here to stay. Companies are increasingly using technological and digital tools that help them streamline processes. Today’s day is full of screens, applications, and devices that make our lives easier. Knowing how to handle the different digital tools is the key to being up to date, both from an individual and business point of view. For this reason, training in digital skills is a fundamental issue.

What Are Digital Skills?

They are those skills that allow using devices, information access networks, and communication applications to solve problems, collaborate, communicate, perform tasks, and create content, among other things. The objective of these skills is to contribute to a significant development in the work environment.

Bearing in mind that, today, digital technology is already widespread and that its scope will increase in the coming years, having digital skills training is essential to develop fully. In fact, according to UNESCO, in this new digital age, these types of skills will be included in literacy programs, hand in hand with traditional skills such as calculation, reading, and writing.

Why Is Training In Digital Skills Essential?

Within the field of digital skills, the areas to train range from handling an instant messaging application as popular as WhatsApp to specific Big Data programs. However, when we talk about training in digital skills, we refer specifically to those that every individual and company must know to carry out their activity effectively.

Among the essential skills, we can highlight the following:

Google Tools

Knowing how to use them is essential, both to enhance employability and productivity from the individual’s point of view and to optimize processes, establish effective communications and plan tasks efficiently within companies. Google tools are among the most used, both business and individual. Within these, we can distinguish the following:

Communication Tools.

Accounts with Google Hangouts, a cross-platform messaging application; Google Keep, which is used to organize personal information through note files; and Google Meet, a platform for video conferencing.


Google Calendar is a calendar and electronic schedule that can be synchronized with the contacts stored in Gmail. This allows you to share events and make invitations.


Google Drive is an internet file hosting service with a capacity of 15 GB, and these can be edited online and shared with other users.

Office Automation

Included here are Google Docs, an online word processor; Google Spreadsheet, which allows you to enter data and calculate functions; and Google Slides, which create attractive documents to show results.

Virtual Space


It is a tool designed for collaborative work and project management by creating virtual boards where the lists of pending and completed tasks are published.


It is a program designed to facilitate the internal communication of teams. It allows you to organize work by projects and store files.


Although it is mainly known for its email function, it also allows you to use the calendar to organize meetings and can be combined with Word and Excel.

Why Is Training in Digital Skills Necessary in Companies?

Having staff trained in digital skills is an essential advantage for your business. Thanks to this, your employees will acquire new knowledge, but all their improvements will have an overall positive impact on the company. Some of the benefits are:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Familiarity with digital tools speeds up the work of working people. In this way, they will be able to accomplish more work in less time.
  • Improved communication: By having tools that directly connect the different company employees, it will be easier to communicate and transmit information. In addition, communications will be made in a more organized and visible way.
  • Fewer errors: having digitized documents and files in which different versions can also be stored makes it possible to detect and correct any errors that may arise more easily and quickly.

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