Communication Strategies – What It Is And Examples Of Effective Strategies

Communication Strategies

For a business to have visibility, stand out from its competition, and constantly attract customers, it needs to define a communication strategy.

Both online and offline, but in this post, we will focus on the digital part.

And depending on the tone and style of the brand, the business objectives, and the product or service you will sell to a specific audience, you will use some commercial communication strategies or others.

And to choose them, you first have to know them.

So let’s see the most effective communication strategies you can use in your project.

What Is The Marketing Communication Strategy?

We communicate all the time: with our gestures, with our eyes, with our actions, or with our tone of voice.

But when we want our messages to arrive appropriately and cause a concrete reaction in the recipient, we talk about strategic communication.

5 Effective Communication Strategies

The definition of communication strategy is clear. Let’s talk about your options.

Imagine that you have to present your new product or campaign.

The phases to make it known will go from the launch to the expansion.

And in each phase, you will have to implement different commercial communication strategies.

Launch Strategy

In this phase, the first impact is essential.

They do not know your company, business, brand, or product, and the first impression is decisive.

It will be essential to analyze many factors well for the launch to be effective.

Among other aspects, it will be essential to choose the right moment.

And you will have to take advantage of all the channels and alliances you can to achieve that impact you need.

One of the strategies to communicate the launch of a new product that is most used in marketing is the webinar.

Visibility Strategy

Brand visibility will be significant in your digital marketing and communication strategy.

In this phase, your effort will focus on making yourself known and more visible.

In this phase, you can bet on marketing campaigns on social networks, collaborations with influencers, or the media.

You can also use other paid channels that generate more immediate results, such as advertising on social networks.

Trust Strategy

As in any relationship, the foundation is trust.

Couple relationships, friendship relationships… and connection between brand and consumer.

For them to buy from you, they must trust your brand and the quality and usefulness of your product.

You will get them to know you with the launch and visibility strategy, but do they buy you?

Positioning Strategy

Once these steps are done, you will position yourself in your sector above the competition.

In this phase, it is necessary to implement measures to reinforce your brand positioning.

I’m talking about communication strategies that allow you to create a different tone with which you stand out from other brands.

And here obviously the audience you address will play an important role, because the communication will be oriented to their age, gender, interests, social status…

For example, our strategy for a young audience is to bet on an influencer with whom to link your products and brand.

In that case, choose influencers who follow similar values ​​to yours.

If your public is another, the media will be critical, and the digital authority will be the main thing in specific sectors.

Expansion Strategy.

Once we achieve visibility, trust and positioning, even if the business works, we must think of new strategies that prevent stagnation.

In this phase, we will think about new products and implement improvements and proposals. We will ask our community to improve, expand and thus reach more customers.

Examples Of Online Communication Strategies

We have already seen the five communication strategies and how they relate to each other to create that global strategy.

We will now see examples of communication strategies to increase your visibility and online sales.

Web Design Strategy

In our communication strategy, a professional and conversion-oriented website is essential to get visits that can end up being customers.

Here, the web design and the texts, fonts, colors, and images must be taken care of.

You must bet on a line according to your values, the public you are addressing, your style, and your brand image.

For example, if your target audience is men between the ages of 35-50 and you sell consultancies, no matter how much you like pink, lilac, and pastel colors… it doesn’t make sense to design the web with this palette.

It’s not going to match.

Everything communicates, and your website also says much about you as a company.

And, of course, remember that the design is responsive since most of us use the Internet from our mobile phones.

SEO Positioning Strategy

That your company appears in the first position on Google when a person searches for your product or service is a powerful weapon to increase your sales opportunities.

To achieve this, you must define an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, that is, optimize the content and quality of your website so that Google understands that it is content that will be useful to the user.

The first thing will be to carry out a keyword study with the searches people most often do concerning our business.

How do you want to be found? Which words do you want to appear in the first results?

You will also have to analyze how your competition appears.

And based on all this, define the positioning actions.

SEM Strategy

With the previous strategy, you can appear in the first position. Naturally, that is, without having to invest money.

With the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy, you get visits and visibility by paying Google to show you above those organic results.

In other words, businesses that bid have priority over free content.

Content Marketing

Defining a communication strategy through content will be essential to position yourself as a benchmark in your sector and educate your audience about what you sell.

To do this, you will analyze the searches and determine what you are interested in writing about and what is related to your products or services.

You can’t write anything you can think of without planning and improvising.

After defining the content you are interested in publishing, you will create an editorial calendar to organize yourself, and that communication has a record.

And when we talk about content marketing, we don’t just talk about a post or written content.

Guest Blogging

Within your digital communication strategy, guest Blogging (writing guest articles) will be essential to position your brand.

It will allow you to position yourself as a reference and reach audiences from other blogs and powerful brands that are related to your area but are not direct competition.

Communication Strategy In Social Networks

The social media strategy will allow you to generate a community and interact with your target audience.

The social media marketing plan will be your primary tool to define all the actions you will carry out in networks and achieve your business objectives.

Manage them well within your communication strategy. You can improve your reputation, brand trust, visibility, and loyalty, get to know your audience better, and even influence sales.

Of course, it will be necessary to have defined an editorial calendar in social networks aligned with your objectives.

Social Media Advertising Strategy

Advertising on social networks is another online communication strategy you should consider.

Especially if you want to see results faster than creating organic content since this takes time.

Investing in advertising will allow you to reach more people who may be interested in what you sell much sooner.

Depending on your objectives and audience, you will choose one social network or another and invest a certain amount of budget.

Communication Strategy Through Email Marketing

Mailing has established itself as the communication strategy par excellence for any business.

It is a more intimate, personalized channel that allows you to constantly communicate with potential clients to lead them toward the sale.

Emails that work leave you wanting to read more and position you in the mind of your potential customer.

Therefore, the key to email marketing is consistency in communication and writing emails that interest your audience.

In addition, each email will be focused on a single conversion objective, and by itself, it will not work… but it is part of a global strategy.

Video Marketing Communication Strategy

Video is the format users prefer on any platform, as it is more entertaining.

Therefore, I recommend you use them in your general communication strategy if you want them to listen to your message and even why not go viral.

Communication Strategies Through Affiliates

With affiliate marketing, you can promote products or services of other companies in exchange for a commission for each sale you get.

It is another way to generate income when you have nothing to sell.

And, of course, even if it is not yours, you will have to define a communication strategy following all the points we have been seeing throughout the post.

How you communicate your message will be decisive in generating the confidence necessary for them to buy.

Think about something… How many people recommend deceptive products to get a commission?

Users can be very reticent about affiliation, so you should work on honesty in your communication strategy.

Online Contests And Raffles

Other examples of online communication strategies are sweepstakes and contests.

They help you generate more community, interact with your audience and provide incentives for them to get to know you and follow you as a brand.

Although the reality is that I do not recommend that you do it regularly to avoid attracting a complete profile for the sale that is only out of interest.

Contests on Instagram, for example, are one of the most exciting actions to make yourself known and increase followers.

Depending on which social networks your potential customers are on, you will choose one platform or another and do one type of giveaway or another.

It can be a contest through a hashtag, a photo contest, promotional codes, etc.

Creativity and originality will be decisive in this type of campaign.

Communication Strategies With Influencers

Brands have realized the potential of an influencer marketing strategy.

But you have to choose the right person, both because of the audience you reach (who meets your potential customer profile) and the fact that they share values ​​with your brand.

Influencers will help you build trust (they are social proof, after all), visibility, brand authority, and credibility with potential customers.

Thanks to recommendation marketing, brands are achieving a high return on investment, which is why it is becoming a communication strategy that companies increasingly use.

Selling And Cross-Selling Strategy

Up Selling and Cross Selling are sales strategies widely used in online stores to increase turnover.

They were up. They were selling the same product with better conditions.

Cross Selling consists of offering a complementary product to the one you have purchased.

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