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download youtube vedios

YouTube is a real pool of video material that you would also like to have on your hard drive at home. It is a pleasure to download videos using various tools and sometimes convert them to MP3 when it comes to music. But is downloading YouTube videos legal at all?

What does YouTube offer me?

To answer the central question, you first have to deal with the basic structure of YouTube. YouTube is a video portal where users can watch videos or upload them themselves. As a rule, these videos are protected by copyright.

The problem: The uploaders of the videos are not always the originators. You are therefore illegally distributing the work. But it can also be different. Many labels have their own accounts and channels on which you provide music videos.

What do the YouTube Terms of Service say?

YouTube’s terms of use are very clear when it comes to downloading copyrighted content. According to the terms of use, this is prohibited.

Specifically, it means that you are not actually allowed to download the videos. You are violating the terms of use.

Does Google have anything against downloading music?

Yes, definitely. At least online services that allow music to be downloaded are contacted by YouTube – more precisely Google. Certain offers are even blocked.

According to Google, the users of such a service commit a copyright infringement.

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Am I infringing copyright when downloading a YouTube video?

Copyright law in Germany enables so-called “private copies” of copyrighted works under strict restrictions. The legal views on this are not consolidated. However, it can be assumed that downloading a YouTube video is a legal private copy. Provided the uploader is also the author.

Can I use download software?

Google is taking action against online services. However, providers of YouTube download software remain practically undisturbed. Regardless, you can use online services as well as software that you have to download first. You can read about the legal situation when using so-called converters in our guide ” Youtube Converter: Are you violating the law? “

Will Google take legal action against me?

It can still be determined whether someone is downloading or streaming a video clip. But then it will be difficult at the latest. Since the legal situation in Germany enables private copying, legal action against individual users is practically unlikely.

Not to mention the hurdles of downloading data.

Is downloading a YouTube video legal now?

Legally speaking: it depends. In any case, you violate the terms of use when downloading. In the opinion of lawyers, however, these are so one-sided that they are not binding on the download question anyway. No matter if you use an online service or software for download.

If the video was provided by the creator, just make a private copy. This is legal under copyright law and you have nothing to fear. But even if this constellation does not exist, Google’s legal action seems extremely unlikely.

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