Essential Refrigerator Parts You Need to Know About

Refrigerator Parts

The essential refrigerator parts you need to know include thermistors, fan motors, and door gaskets. All of these components help your refrigerator keep food fresh. Some fridge parts are easy for do-it-yourselfers to test and replace, while others require a professional technician. Knowing how each part functions will help you troubleshoot issues and communicate better with your HVAC technician.


A thermostat regulates the temperature inside your refrigerator by switching on and off an electric circuit connected to your heating system. It’s a simple switch that can be activated manually or automatically by a sensor that reads internal temperatures and turns the fan and heat on at specific temperature points. Most of today’s SamsungParts models also come with a programmable time-of-day setting to help conserve energy and make the refrigerator more efficient. There are two types of thermostats: mercury switches and digital ones. Mercury switches use a vial of mercury that tilts left or right when the internal temperature changes. When the vial is listed, it connects with one of three wires within the thermostat and causes the electrical circuit to turn on or off the heater in your home. Digital thermostats operate on continuous currents supplied by the same wires that power your refrigerator’s light, ice maker, and freezer. Look for a wire labeled with the letter C (for continuous current) in your wall to determine if your thermostat can receive this type of power.

Evaporator Fan

If your refrigerator is experiencing issues, it may be due to a faulty evaporator fan. This fan circulates cold air from the evaporator coil throughout the freezer and fridge compartments. Sometimes, physical obstructions or ice build-up can prevent the fan from working correctly, but this can usually be fixed by removing the ice from the fan’s blades and melting it. However, if the fan motor isn’t working, it could be due to a defective fan or faulty control panel and wiring. To determine the cause, a continuity test should be performed on the two wires connected to the fan motor (red and blue). It’s essential to shut off the power to the refrigerator before attempting any repairs, and you’ll need to remove all shelves, drawers, and the back freezer panel to access the wires.

Removable Antifungal Gasket

The refrigerator door gasket creates an air-tight seal between the cold inside of the fridge and the warmer kitchen environment. It also functions as temperature control and keeps the food fresh. Suppose the refrigerator door gasket is in poor condition. In that case, warm air can seep into the fridge and spoil the food, causing the refrigerator to work harder, leading to higher electricity bills. Luckily, this part can be replaced relatively easily. Look for your fridge’s make and model number in the owner’s manual or online to find out where to buy a replacement. The refrigerator door seal should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth and a musty smell. Several cleaning methods are available, from bleach to undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Use gloves and a cotton swab for hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Once the mold is gone, the refrigerator will be better protected from moisture and energy loss. This will reduce the need for repair and prolong the refrigerator’s life.

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