Mobile Content Marketing – How To Create Content For Smartphones

Mobile Content Marketing

Smartphone users predominate on most websites. You also have to consider this in content marketing. In this article, you will learn what mobile content marketing can look like – and what is essential when producing smartphone content.

That’s What Mobile Content Marketing Is All About

Around 80 percent of internet users are now mobile. Their usage habits are fundamentally different from those of desktop visitors. Responding to these changes is relevant to your content marketing.

After all, Google also pays attention to the mobile user-friendliness of the content in its ranking: If your website needs to be optimized and easier to use, the search engine will prioritize pages over the competition.

Several characteristics are typical for mobile users:

  • Little time: Smartphone users are often on the move while surfing the browser, so their time could be improved. They demand answers quickly and do not want to read lengthy texts.
  • Little space: The smartphone screen is naturally tiny. For this reason, the clarity of websites suffers. The content must therefore be exceptionally tidy to compensate for this deficit.
  • Little patience: Mobile websites cannot afford long loading times because the mobile connection is often slow. Large videos and images only display the page if they have been optimized.

Five Tips For Mobile Content Marketing

The content audit helped you determine the status quo. Through him, you were already able to identify approaches for optimization. Now it’s time for implementation. Mobile content marketing measures must meet five criteria. Only when you can tick all five points is your content marketing optimized for mobile needs.

Get To The Point

Users must be able to see whether the content is helpful to them or not without having to scroll. A table of contents at the beginning of the article can help. But a meaningful teaser or a summary is also helpful for orientation.

Mobile Text Design

Mobile reading behavior is one thing above all: fast. Users skim texts rather than reading them in detail. Your content should support this behavior.

Keep paragraphs short, include bullet points and lists, and provide meaningful headings. In particular, understandable headlines ensure that the user finds precisely the part of the text that he is looking for.

Visual Content

Text-heavy content could be more conducive to mobile content marketing. Pay attention to explicit images, graphics, videos (without sound), and visual elements that organize your content. In this way, you ensure a good overview on the go.

The “Just Not Moment.”

Help the user to save threads in case they don’t have time. Examples include read-it-later services like Pocket or the ability to email articles to yourself.

Mobile First Concept

Don’t create your content with a beautiful desktop design in mind; always follow the mobile-first approach. Layouts, texts, infographics, and other elements must constantly be tested and designed for mobile first.

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Mobile content marketing has different requirements but also offers excellent opportunities. If your content is optimized for smartphone users, you can reach your target group where they are. The basis for this is a content audit to understand the behavior of mobile users. Then it would help if you focused in particular on the user-friendly presentation.

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