Social Media Trends 2022 – These Are The Most Important Developments In Social Media


Social media? At the end of 2021, it is crucial to look at the social media trends 2022 to adapt your strategies to target groups. The current trend report from Talkwalker and Hubspot shows what will be relevant in the coming year on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & Co. has compiled an overview of the most important social media trends for 2022 from the report.

In marketing, the development towards the “age of the consumer” is progressing more and more rapidly. This makes the presence and the proper social media marketing all the more critical for e-commerce and other industries. Social networks have become an indispensable part of the marketing cosmos for B2C and B2B-oriented companies. Even if the focus is traditionally different between B2B and B2C. However, various surveys show that companies from both areas rely heavily on the social media community and align their advertising to social networks. For example, at the beginning of 2021, almost two-thirds of B2B companies were using Facebook as an advertising channel. In the case of B2B companies, 40 per cent committed to Facebook and more than a third use LinkedIn for their business.


Facebook is still the number one social media platform for companies: 93 per cent of global companies are active on Facebook, and Instagram (78%) and LinkedIn (61%) are second and third. And even on the still very young social media network TikTok, around every tenth company is represented worldwide.
But what does the future of social media look like? Which social media trends will be relevant for companies in 2022? And how will newcomer TikTok fare among social media platforms?

Customers Set The Tone

Social media marketing from the company to the customer was yesterday. Social media in 2022 will increasingly be shaped by the fact that customers actively influence the perception of a brand. The user’s opinion moves further into focus. And not that. Due to the increasing need for tailor-made content, users demand that its digital strategy take them into account. In the future, more than ever before, users on social media channels will decide which content is to be delivered on which.

Central Social Media Trends 2022 – An Overview

Every year, in the last quarter, planning the social media strategies for the coming year is the task. And as is well known, this often means a breath of fresh air in social media marketing. In 2021, for example, the video platform TikTok was established in Germany and is competing with the long-established giant YouTube, especially with a young target audience. But not only TikTok has caused a stir in social media strategies. Other trends will also influence social media marketing in the coming year. Here are the most important social media trends for 2022

TikTok Becomes a Game-Changer

Do you already use TikTok Marketing for your company’s success? No? Then you are one of the current 68 per cents of companies that have not yet put TikTok Marketing 2021 on their schedule. No problem, because the train has not yet left. Use TikTok as a social media marketing platform in 2022. According to experts, the video platform will become a game-changer in social media marketing. According to the trend analysis, the level of awareness of TikTok has increased enormously since it was founded: The app is number one in the download charts alongside Facebook and has recently reached three billion downloads worldwide. It can be assumed that TikTok, with its short videos, will force other social media platforms to adapt. Because at TikTok, the focus is on creation.

User-Generated Content (UGC) will thus become the central aspect of future social media marketing. For companies in e-commerce and other industries, this means, above all, to throw traditions overboard and to break new ground. Follow your audience and participate in the conversations of your target group on TikTok – but also on other social media channels.

With the growing importance of TikTok, monetization models should also be pending in the coming year. Be prepared for this and consider possible monetization models in your planning for the marketing budget for 2022.

Further Development of Social Media Ads – Cookies Is On The Decline.

Google intends to phase out cookie tracking by 2023. Alternative models such as Google’s FloC are being tested

Facebook alone has thousands of data points: every message, every login, every download, every link clicked provides advertisers with information on how to target their advertising and content marketing in a targeted and personalized way. In addition, metrics is the tool of choice for targeted advertising: In 2022, it will become more essential for companies to base their decisions on data and consumer insights. Therefore, develop a complete analytical picture of your customers.

Social Selling Will Become The Focus of Social Media Marketing In 2022

So far, social commerce has focused on ads and promotions. In the future, innovative sales solutions for a simple customer journey will gain importance. This relates, for example, to new shopping functions such as live video shopping on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, companies should reassess their view of the purchase options they have provided and consider whether they can further expand social selling opportunities – in the form of (Instagram) posts, stories, etc.

Post-Pandemic Content Personalization Is Even More Critical.

In 2022, personalization will refer to suitable texts and specific content of all kinds along the entire customer journey. For social media platforms, this means: companies have to align content such as stories, reels, posts & Co. to their target groups and other content in marketing. Live audio and live video formats, in particular, are gaining in importance, and this development was accelerated by extensive media consumption during the pandemic. This means that content on social media channels in 2022 will have to be customized in formats and topics even more than before.

Audio Platforms Are on The Rise.

The further development of podcasts lies in live audio platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Such formats will become more relevant in 2022. The reason: Companies can use live audio media to offer their customers more than just highly personalized content. They also provide a space for exchange and interaction between individual users.

Live video platforms are valuable social media networks with selected conversation partners, special guests, and a focused exchange, especially for the B2B sector. Last but not least, they correspond to the zeitgeist of a digitally networked world. Companies and brands need to accommodate various lifestyles and interests across all channels. Live video platforms are an ideal medium for this: Snackable, digital content for everyone: n.

Omnichannel Engagement Increases The Importance of Social Media Monitoring And Social Listening.

Users are increasingly consuming the latest news via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Co. Omnichannel is the order of the day. Most users are on more than one social media channel. For example, our study summary “Social networks among young people” shows you where young people are particularly active in the social media community. Because users act on several social media platforms, the topics of social media monitoring and social listening will continue to gain importance in the coming year.

Influencer Marketing Is Growing Up.

Influencer marketing has become a leading marketing method. No wonder, since the importance of social media has also increased enormously. But influencer marketing now offers significantly better results in terms of ROI than at the beginning of Instagram & Co. Influencer marketing has grown up and is an essential part of marketing success. The trend report also confirms this: Almost half of the consumers: inside rely on recommendations from influencers before making a purchase. For 2022 it is therefore essential to take influencer marketing into account. In this way, companies expand their customer base and increase engagement rate and attention. We provide you with tips on finding the right influencer for your company.

The Decentralization Of Social Media is Increasing.

Brands will drive the decentralization of social media in the coming years. What does that mean? More and more brands will integrate the social components of social media directly into the user experience. This is done, for example, by allowing customers to interact with their social group in a company app. A separate registration on the social media channels is then no longer necessary. In-app forums are a significant social media trend in 2022 and beyond.

VR, AR And The Metaverse As An Innovative Experience In Communities

The metaverse is becoming more and more critical. The term subsets of technologies are summarized and merged into a single unit. Two essential metaverse examples are virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The virtual cloakroom, the digital meeting, AR-controlled filters and functions in social networks: all of this will be expanded rapidly in the coming years. The gaming industry has already integrated this development very strongly. But the metaverse and with it technologies such as VR and AR will also become decisive for other companies, especially for younger target groups. Offline and online experiences will continue to merge and promote creativity, collaboration, and competition in the gaming community and social space.

Corporate Social Responsibility Remains a Big Topic of Conversation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was already a big topic of conversation in 2020. After 2021, according to experts, there will be even more. Companies and brands should therefore focus on their CSR commitment. Dealing with social issues that interest your target groups is essential. Because the trend analysis shows: Customers appreciate companies that act sustainably. However, it is not enough to take CSR into account superficially. The keyword is authenticity. The company should live in diversity, sustainability and all other CSR-related aspects. This also means listening and building the community on social media channels. Last but not least, one of the trends is to have a sophisticated contingency plan just in case. Social media engagement is essential.

Conclusion – Social Media Communities Are Growing And Gaining Influence

Social media communities will continue to grow and gain influence in 2022 and beyond. In addition, new technologies in the digital community world are a must-use for successful social media marketing. Live videos, live shopping, AR, VR are just a few prominent technological trends. This makes it all the more important for companies to advance the strategic planning of digital infrastructures and collective spaces. But the most important thing of all is to put customers at the center of content and community work more than ever and use social media to connect them.

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