Five Signs That You Have Been Blocked On Whatsapp


Timestamp, Profile Picture, And Co.

“Last online at 12:23 pm. Hm, I wrote at midnight. Okay, there aren’t any blue heels. But why doesn’t he write?” Such thoughts are only possible in the age of Whatsapp. The messenger service is by far one of the most popular apps globally, and most people use it several times a day. If a person does not write back, one quickly becomes suspicious.

There Can Be Reasons For Not Writing.

Of course, there are often reasons why a person doesn’t reply to a message. No time, no desire or also very popular: “I didn’t answer you? Oh sorry. Then I just did it in my mind … “. However, sometimes it is also possible that someone has just blocked you for whatever reason.

There is no direct reference to this. But: some signs that make it very likely.

Sign One: The Timestamp

The timestamp indicates when your contact was last online. However, since this function can also be hidden, it is more of a first clue. However, you could be blocked if you could always see the “last online” message in the past and not now.

Sign Two: Write a Message

If you want to be sure whether you have been blocked or not, then you should write to your contact directly. You should generally see two ticks once your message has been sent (“message delivered”). If you only see a single one (“Message sent”), you could have landed on the block list. And another indication: of course, you will not get an answerback.

Sign Three: The Profile Picture

If a user has blocked you, you can no longer see their current profile picture. Instead, a placeholder image appears with a white silhouette on a gray background. This is a clear indication that you have been blocked.

Sign Four: Group Invitations

To do this, you have to create a group and invite your contact to join it. If that works, everything is fine – all you have to do is explain why you started the group. But if the group does not work and an error message appears stating that you do not have the right to add the relevant contact to the group, he has probably blocked you. Again, you can use this method to check whether or not you have been blocked.

Sign five: the Whatsapp call

You can also use the Whatsapp phone function to check whether you have been blocked. All you have to do is start a Whatsapp call with the relevant contact. If the connection is not established, you have your answer.

So: You suspect that contact is blocking you? Then check these five signs to be sure.

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