Five Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Sales Teams


Identifying the motivating factors of your team is essential for the company’s productivity. Take off your turnover and increase your performance. Discover our five tips to gather around your employees ready to surpass themselves for more significant commercial objectives!

Data Analysis

The data analysis is divided into three parts. The first concerns all the data on the web, such as the frequentation of its site or its popularity on social networks. It is essential to know your statistics to see the commitment of your consumers to the brand. For physical canvassing, analyses allow you to send your sales people to qualified prospects who will be more interested in the product or service you are selling than if the canvassing was random and thoughtless. Look for quality rather than quantity.

Also, you can base yourself on the characteristics (sector, type of business) of your current customers who make the most turnover to find your future customers and better target them. Finally, remember to analyze the data of your merchant site: the state of its stocks, which products have sold the best, which products have the most margin, etc. These results will allow you to determine the appropriate business strategy to implement.

Blog And Social Networks

They have now become essential for an optimal marketing strategy. They allow you to nationalize and internationalize your clientele. To make you known outside your physical store and open up new horizons for your business.

Show your expertise on your blog and share valuable information with your customers. You will thus develop their loyalty, and why not obtain new customers through this communication channel. It is a unique marketing lever that you must use at all costs. But watch out for invasive advertising that could scare away your readers. I prefer advice to promotions. Train yourself in natural referencing (SEO) and paid to reference (SEA) to increase your site’s visibility.
Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin… use these social networks wisely to share interactive content and gain new subscribers. Your goal is to minimize the cost of acquiring your customers. Make your business accessible to as many people as possible and develop a real content strategy.


CRM has several advantages. First of all, CRM software makes it possible to measure the productivity of your sales representatives based on several indicators such as customer satisfaction, the average value of sales or the ratio of deals concluded/deals lost.

With a CRM, you can also automate the management of your customers with the centralization of all the information available in a single platform. By entering the information in the customer files, you will have access to all their contact details to contact them at the appropriate time. Similarly, you can enter supplier records in your CRM to better manage your replenishments. This significant time saving allows your employees to be efficient in their work.

Manage And Train Your Team

It is estimated that in the second half of 2020, 71% of French people will buy their products online, according to data from the Observatory of Internet Uses. Therefore, it is more than necessary to train your salespeople in digital so that your company does not miss the digital turn. With the increasing digitalization of the world, the power to adapt has become a valuable skill. Coupled with a CRM adapted to your VSE or SME, you will obtain a powerful tool to organize your strategy.

Determine priorities with your team to optimize time management. Set up To-Do lists with specific and quantifiable objectives with a deadline.

Take Breaks

Too much work can affect productivity. Learn to take breaks and not give your team unachievable goals. Motivation must remain present to increase your results tenfold.

Burn-out quickly happens in a company when the working atmosphere is terrible, and the pressure is too high. In addition, you must find meaning in what you do and know how to communicate the company’s values ​​to your team. To promote a good atmosphere, you can install “relax” corners for informal discussions such as the coffee machine or table football.

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