How To Improve Your Customer Communication – Simple Tricks


Whether digital, postal or personal: Clever use is almost more important than choosing the right communication channel. The most important thing: it has to be customer-centric. After all, nobody wants to have the feeling of being the target of marketing or a number in the system – let alone having to familiarize themselves with the growth processes of a company. Instead, customers expect the company to adapt to their communication habits and put their needs first.

Good Communication Means Customer Satisfaction

The fast, simple and personalized communication’s influence on customer loyalty and acquisition should not be underestimated. Unlike the underlying product or service, communication is less of a basic customer requirement and more often a performance or excitement factor.

High Customer Satisfaction Means Economic Success

The satisfaction of the customer results from the comparison of his expectations with the performance of the company. It has a far-reaching influence on the recommendation, repeat purchase and cross-buying behavior, and the willingness to pay a higher price. But what are the expectations of customer communication? And what options do companies have to improve their communication?

“It Works Elsewhere Too – Why Can’t They Do It Yet?”

Today, people organize a large part of their private life via smartphones. Digital applications characterize the image of your home screen; everything is done with a swipe of your finger. If they are stuck in a telephone queue when communicating with a company, have to navigate through a complicated customer portal in search of information or apply for the “A38 pass” by post, this represents a breach of reality for them. It is particularly important to meet today’s expectations with today’s service.

Improving Customer Communication – Tips

Put Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes.

What does an ordinary day in your life look like? How do they communicate, which channels do they use, how much time do they have available and when? How can you make communication with him as comfortable as possible? Use these criteria to select the ideal channel for the respective communication task.

Keep It Personal.

A not entirely new finding in marketing is that people want to be addressed personally and want to feel that their needs and past interactions are known and that a single point of contact is taking care of them. Design the communication in your company’s design and use your signature.

Keep It Simple And Intuitive.

Offer direct access and communicate clearly, understandably and concisely. Keep the structure clear and understandable. Give simple, step-by-step tasks. Long telephone queues, cumbersome customer portals or letterhead that has to be filled out can be replaced by digital services.

Keep It Fast.

The path from problem to solution should be as short as talking personally to a friend who organizes everything necessary. Multi-level processes for issues such as signatures, verifications, sending in evidence, etc., can be digitized.

Stay In Touch.

The probability that your customer will be able to take care of his request outside your business hours is relatively high. Your service should therefore be available around the clock and every day of the week – at least in such a way that the customer can “get the ball rolling”.

Think About Your Employees.

Even if the satisfaction of your customers is the highest priority, your employees are an important part of the communication process and have needs and expectations. So ask yourself: Which tools are useful, save time and help make customer communication easier and more successful.

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