How Can Social Networks Be The Springboard For E-commerce?

Over the past few decades, social networks, as well as e-commerce, have considerably shaped the buying habits of consumers. Nowadays, a simple click on a brand’s page is enough to buy a product via social networks. These then become a real springboard for e-commerce: Their usefulness is at various levels:

  • Creation of a community of consumers
  • Improved customer service
  • A better understanding of customers
  • Implementation of a corporate marketing strategy 
  • Customer loyalty
  • Organization of promotions

Social Media To Create A Community of Consumers

The idea is essentially to create a community of consumers to integrate and retain customers. The role of social networks is then to:

  • Gain consumer trust for the brand
  • Build brand credibility.

For this strategy, Facebook is the appropriate social network for creating a showcase. In this case, regularly disseminating relevant and attractive content becomes essential. This allows, for example, to retain visitors.

Social Networks Improve Customer Service

Social networks are one of the key tools to improve the relationship strategy with customers. In particular, they facilitate interaction with the market and customers thanks to their specific features such as:

  • The instantaneous response to a customer request
  • The creation of a viral effect of a publication
  • The ability to promote a brand/product through smart features…

The Social Network To Better Understand Customers

The more the company knows about the customers, the easier it is to entice them to buy. Some companies use different techniques such as surveys or questionnaires to get to know their customers better. However, these techniques do not give more accurate results than social networks. These give complete information allowing a personalized approach:

  • Implementation of a strategy more adapted to reality
  • Rectification of a strategy deemed ineffective
  • Use of tools more suited to the needs of the market/customers
  • Redefining the target based on the data collected…

To this end, the objective of social networks is to offer the public what they want and help the community buy better.

A Platform To Convince Consumers To Buy

Since social networks strongly influence customers’ purchasing decisions, brands only have to convince users to buy their products. Indeed, compelling content is now essential at all levels of the customer journey.

From now on, social networks play a decisive role in the notoriety of a brand. In this case, a permanent presence on social networks is necessary to have tangible results in e-commerce.

Social Networks To Launch Commercial Operations

Through different types of content, social networks are key tools for publishing:

  • Promotions
  • Discounts
  • Launch of new products
  • An offer of vouchers
  • A flash sale
  • Other commercial content

Unlike other publishing mediums, social networks offer several advantages to all users: brands and consumers. In addition, they have the privilege of being an easily accessible platform to boost sales.

Social Networks To Interact With Customers

Much more than a springboard for e-commerce, social networks can even take on another dimension beyond their sales potential. For example, they facilitate:

  • Establishing a permanent connection with customers.
  • Interaction with the public
  • The creation of a community around a brand.

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