How Can We Make Identities More Secure On The Network?


The digital identity of people and entities is one of the most desirable sweets for cybercriminals. More and more attacks seek to seize those identities since their possession is synonymous with benefit for criminals. Impersonation allows you to do damage from within an organization, extract confidential information and much more.

Therefore, one of the main tasks of a company’s security team is to make the digital identities of its personnel, machines and, above all, the institution more secure.

Digital identities must be protected from external criminals. Still, they must also be defended against failures or errors caused by workers and, something that we cannot rule out, from the evil intentions of disenchanted employees. No less than 80% of security incidents are caused by improper handling of privileged accounts.

What Is Digital Identity?

In the same way that our official documents identify us before the authorities, or in the health centre, in the digital world, it is necessary to identify people and objects concerning a connected device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a PC or a laptop. Shortly, the devices will be even more varied.

On the dark web, identities and digital certificates are highly sought after. SSL or TLS certificates can cost several thousand dollars in some markets, for example. Stolen identities for sale on the dark web number in the millions.

To prevent our digital identity from being stolen, we must be careful and take all possible precautions to shield that information. The generation, storage and processing of identity data must be exquisitely secure. Still, it is known that most attacks on identity begin with a weak password, to take the most obvious example.

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Solutions Designed To Protect Digital Identity

Solutions to protect digital identity range from IoT machines and devices through access management, management of privileged accounts to any element that identifies us on the network.

These solutions are based not only on the issuance of TLS / SSL certificates but also on developing complex public critical infrastructures (PKI) for industrial customers, authorities, governments, and organizations.

In addition, we provide access management services, which allows companies to protect access to their data based on their needs optimally. It is rule-based access management that grants access only to authenticated and authorized users, with different approaches. On the other hand, with single sign-on, users access numerous systems and services with a single sign-on process, significantly increasing security.

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