Does A Chatbot Need Artificial Intelligence?


No doubt, artificial intelligence is the hot topic of the moment! According to Statista, the turnover of the AI ​​market in the world continues to take off: estimated at 17.3 billion for 2020 and up to 5 times more in 2025.

This is why many chatbots today are based on this flourishing technique, and companies are crazy about it! We understand them: it gives an innovative and modern brand image at the cutting edge of technology thanks to an efficient chat service.

But can we say that an AI-based bot is 100% reliable?


Recall the basics! Artificial intelligence is to implement several techniques to enable machines to mimic a form of real intelligence.

Its goal is, therefore, to perform the same tasks as humans!

In practice, the principle is brilliant. This saves precious time, and it is a real technological advance!

Except that…

“Artificial intelligence does not exist.”

Yes, we hit hard! But it does not come from us, and it is Luc Julia, the co-creator of Siri (which we no longer present today), said it!

Or rather, it is the AI ​​as it was presented to us that does not exist. It is only recognition. We teach machines things, and we give them examples.

Therefore, we cannot speak of “intelligent solutions” in the true sense of the term. And that’s unfortunately why they remain disappointed most of the time.

We talk to you in more detail through the different AI-based chatbots found on the market!

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As we said above, many chatbots today are based on artificial intelligence (or claim it, at least).

But how exactly does it work?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these chatbots can understand written language and give the impression of interacting with a real person. This is called NLP ( Natural Language Processing ). Unfortunately, this technique turns out to be ineffective today.

Indeed, if you have not entered all the spelling possibilities yourself: the visitor will receive an error. This brings us to the second major problem with NLP: you have to enter by hand all the possibilities of writing the words that your visitors use. Result: weeks or even months of preparation for solutions that approach 70% error according to a benchmark research in the field. Ouch!

Other AIs put forward on the market are based on analyzes of traffic and your visitors’ browsing habits, with cookies, which allows them to highlight products according to a chain of behavior. However, they are not far enough today to guarantee reliable results.

In conclusion, all these features are not exhaustive and take a long time to become 100% efficient (which between us is impossible!).

The question then arises: is investing so much time and money necessary to have an effective chatbot on your website?


Of course, chatbots are very regularly associated with the notion of AI, but not all of them use it!

Artificial intelligence is legitimate when there is a large flow of data to be processed in real-time. Now a chatbot was never the insane amount of data to calculate at the same time.

Therefore, other more successful and reliable operating modes exist conversation patterns to anticipate discussions between the bot and the Internet user and complex algorithms.

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