How Much Does a Website Cost And How To Do It In 2021


To ensure success in the digital market, it is necessary to have a professional website where new clients can find you and the meeting point with regular clients.

The best thing is that companies of any size or industry can invest in this type of technological resource, one that a few years ago was somewhat expensive.

If you wonder how much a web page costs, you should know that it is much less than a few years ago when it was necessary to hire expert programming professionals.

Luckily, today many tools do not require knowledge of programming or some code.

For example, some options offer pre-designed templates, which can be edited with some freedom using “drag and drop” technology; not to mention that there are many tutorials that allow you to make a web page without knowing anything, just following a series of steps.

However, the type of website you want, as well as your availability of ideas, time, and resources, will likely determine the option you choose.

In addition, how much it costs to make a web page depends not only on the chosen tool but also on other design elements and the domain, hosting, and operating tools.

Read on if you want to know how much it costs to have a first-rate website.

What Does It Take To Create a Professional Website?

To start creating your website, you should first define what goals you want to achieve through it.

This is important because some websites must be more elaborate by nature.

After defining your goals, you will have to choose between the options mentioned above:

  • Hire a professional developer
  • Use a platform to create your website yourself.

The difference in value between the two options can be high. Still, the ideal option can vary from one business to another depending on various factors, including the availability of resources.

Authoring platforms have made website customization more affordable, which is why today, it is entirely possible to use these tools for professional results. That is, you can create cheap web pages with excellent performance and good design.

In addition, many even give you the option of creating your website for yourself (with an additional payment, of course), so you can enjoy an even more personalized site since true experts in this tool will know how to make the most of its functions.

Another point to keep in mind is that, unfortunately, hiring a programmer does not guarantee a good job.

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Why Is It Important to Have a Website?

The digital market and the virtualization of services have made the online presence essential for any business.

Here are the main advantages of creating a professional, attractive website that makes it easy for visitors to navigate:

Digital Marketing And Diffusion

It is very important to have a page of your brand (be it personal or business) that reflects your visual identity and is focused on your audience.

Using SEO techniques will be more likely to attract organic traffic. That is, attract those who surf the Internet and not only receive visits from people who go directly to your website by putting the name in the search engine or entering from a link on social networks or similar platforms.

However, budgeting for how much a personalized web page costs requires including certain marketing tools.

Interaction With Clients

It is necessary to offer integrated and efficient solutions in various marketing and communication channels to ensure comfort, reliability, and practicality when solving the needs of consumers.

Many examples of web pages facilitate communication with the audience by establishing various contact channels such as email, social networks, or even a chatbot, live chat, or WhatsApp.

This will facilitate customer communication with the brand, as they will have more options to get in touch.

Greater Engagement

It is important to understand that consumer behavior is determined by trends, which in the age of social media and streaming tend to change rapidly.

Today, anyone can use the Internet to search and compare prices. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that there are several options on the Internet, and customers will prefer the brand with which they have a closer emotional relationship.

So get ready to adapt to trends and offer quality content that brings you closer to your customers.

How Much Does a Professional Website Cost?

The evolution of technology and the accessibility of website builder-style tools have made creating websites a much easier task.

To better understand the costs of this process, it is necessary to know the elements that make up a website, the various types of sites, and other relevant factors such as deadlines, quality, maintenance, and more.

Read on to know the most relevant elements and thus successfully calculate how much it costs to make a web page:

Types of Websites

Several elements must be considered when designing a website. The choice of the site’s category will define much of the process of creating your pages and the costs to put and maintain them online.

  • Number of pages,
  • Elements within pages,
  • Design,
  • Functioning,
  • Integrations.

In general, those are the axes that govern how much a personalized web page costs.

This is why personal or branded sites are more accessible, blogs have a slightly higher cost, and sites with more pages, such as E-commerce, tend to be the most expensive, especially if they are created from scratch.

To better understand your brand’s needs, here are the main types of websites:

Institutional site: it has some pages to show information about a company: about us, history, products, and services, among other similar pages, in addition to publicizing the service channels.

It is a good alternative for those who need a space on the Internet but do not have much content to share.

Blog: It is usually an addition to the institutional site. It offers the option for brands to publish updates on their activities and share valuable content with the audience, whether they are followers or people who find them organically.

Within the blog format, news sites can be included, usually highlighting each news on its page.

There are several options to create a free blog that can be a great step and then move on if there is scalability.

OnePage: OnePage gathers all the company’s information on a single page, employing the scroll down like the applications for mobile devices.

Hot site: A “microsite” is a page designed to highlight news and perform specific actions, such as product launches and event broadcasts. Similar to a landing page.

E-commerce: also known as a virtual store, online store, or electronic commerce. These are more complex sites and allow consumers to purchase products (including digital products) and contract services. They require a certain level of elaboration, so it is recommended to prefer specialized platforms or hire professional developers.

Quality Accommodation

Hosting or hosting is an essential service for a website to function with quality and efficiency. In this case, generally, the best hostings go hand in hand with higher prices, so value for money is a factor to consider.

This is the service where your website will be stored and all its content, including multimedia files. That is why it is very important to have an option that guarantees high availability and makes regular copies.

Choosing good hosting is what will ensure that your pages remain online 24 hours a day. Therefore, investment in this area is essential.

In addition, you must identify what type of accommodation your project will need. There are affordable options such as shared hosting and other more expensive ones, such as VPS, a private server.

You can get hosting options from 1 USD (US dollars) to around 80 USD and even more every month. It all depends on the size of your website.

You will find that this is a determining factor when calculating how much it costs to have a web page.

Domain Name

The domain is the name of your website, which users and search engines will use to access it. This email address must be related to your business name and must be available for use.

The value of the domains is quite affordable, and even many hosting or website creation services offer free domains for the first year.

Prices to register a domain name starting at less than 10 USD. However, some domains are considerably more expensive, as some top-level domains have a higher registration cost.

Smart Design

Intelligent design is a variable that unites the technical and the visual. This is a very important element because it is linked to the image that the brand is interested in transmitting to its audience.

A professional website needs to maintain a balance between usability and design, complementing the experience for mobile and desktop users.

Therefore, adapting the visual identity of your business to the colors, images, texts, and buttons of your pages is essential.

When planning the creation of your website, consider hiring a design professional or choosing a template that ensures optimal results and in a responsive format.

Website Builders vs. CMS

The traditional way of building a website is through programming with lines of code. Doing this from scratch can take a lot of time and resources, and considerable technical knowledge.

However, a CMS ( Content Management System, or Content Management System ) like WordPress gives greater creative freedom.

Your most effective alternative is website builder platforms or website builders. These tools facilitate this type of development and allow people without programming and design knowledge to create websites and obtain professional results.

Also, a website builder might have different prices depending on the type of website you want to create. For example, if you want to create an E-commerce, you should know that these tend to have more expensive plans, although quite affordable.

The distinction is worth calculating how much it costs to create a web page as website builders can offer free plans of less than 5 USD and monthly subscriptions of up to 25 USD or more. It all depends on the size of the site and the features you want to add.

One point to keep in mind is that online stores could pay commissions for sales and commissions for using certain payment methods.

When using a CMS, you may need advice from a professional who will charge by the hour for your work. That is in addition to the fact that you may have to buy plugins or extensions to add functions to your site and a template or themes if you want a special design.

Extensions, Integrations, And Additional Features

It is necessary to add certain additional elements at the price of how much it costs to have a web page.

For example, some extensions add features to your site and are paid monthly or annually. Digital marketing tools, customer service, lead and customer management, metrics, and analytics, among many others, could come at a price for providing their services despite being integrated into website building platforms.

The prices vary according to the service, so it does not make sense even if you want to share them since many factors are at play.

Ready To Create Your Professional Website?

Now that you estimate how much a web page costs, it is time to prepare your budget to begin that transition towards digitization that will lead you to have more clients or a larger audience.

We hope that the content of our article has helped you with valuable information about this process.

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