How Often Do I Have to Turn off or Restart The Mobile?


Today, many people need to be aware of their mobile at all times. The truth is that in our device, all kinds of attractions come together for us to look at the screen, where the personal and the professional are often mixed. This, unlike what happened at the dawn of these devices, means that a large part of the terminals remains on without stopping for days, weeks or months. Is this a negative thing? Should you turn off or restart your mobile from time to time?

If we think of other electronic devices, such as tablets, televisions, a computer or a monitor, we can see that it is almost obligatory to turn them off when we are not using them. The mobile phone bombards us throughout the day with information, which causes that in many cases, it is not turned off even at night.

Is It Necessary to Restart or Turn off The Mobile From Time To Time?

If by necessity we understand something almost forced by health for our mobile or as a harmful consequence of not doing it, the answer is no. It is not necessary or forced to turn off or restart the mobile from time to time. However, we can find some clear benefits from getting into the habit of doing this practice from time to time.

Mobile operating systems are ready for endless days. However, the screen turns off very frequently, allowing the low-power operation to kick in. However, the mobile requires mandatory reboots on a specific occasion, for example, after installing an update.

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Why It Is Recommended

In the field of recommendations, restarting our mobile at least once a week is recommended. Keep in mind that we will free up a lot of temporary cache memory by doing so, and we will be able to close running processes that may be weighing on the general performance of the system. For this reason, a greater fluidity is perceived after each restart, especially when it has not been done for a long time.

Even if we do not remember to do it, almost all mobile phones on the market allow you to program automatically on and off. In this way, we can turn it off when we sleep and turn it on in the morning. This will guarantee us optimal performance every day. However, there are people who sometimes a week, the battery runs out and the mobile turns off if you are one of these people forget all the above because unconsciously you are already performing this advisable maintenance.

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