4 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed Digital Advertising


The global pandemic that came in late 2019 was the health scare no one was prepared for. Industries across different sectors were forced to adapt faster than they ever had in the past to keep up with customer demands, needs, and new facets of marketing. One aspect of running a business that had to change the most has to do with digital advertising.

This form of marketing has long been around for so many years now. However, the pandemic changed the way digital marketing may have operated in the past to keep up with new trends and meet heightened customer demands. The changes in digital marketing impacted the entirety of online entrepreneurship—from the beginning of the customer journey to the end stage of the purchase. 

With that said, here are four ways the pandemic has changed digital advertising:

Digital Advertising Are More Needed Than Before

Digital marketing has long been present; it’s not something new or in its infancy. But given the shift in customer behavior and customer buying journey, there’s also the need to increase the business’s online presence.

While brick-and-mortar stores are asked to closed down and more shoppers are buying from online stores, this means those businesses who previously didn’t have an online store yet are creating their e-commerce website or have started selling on social media.

To keep up with the new-found rise in online shopping as the primary choice of many shoppers in England, the services from a digital advertising agency Birmingham UK and others near you are more in demand. Otherwise, if businesses don’t abide by digital marketing, they’ll fall behind the competition of those businesses that have long made their e-commerce shops strong and stable. It’s important for people to know you now have an online store.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Highlight The Shift In Customer Priorities

Now more than ever, companies have to show their empathetic side. Many businesses are affected by the pandemic, which means a decrease in profits for many. But it’s more than enough now to thrive, given so many businesses were left with no other choice but to close down. 

A big shift in the digital marketing campaigns of companies means showing customers they prioritize employee and customer safety when in the store premises. For e-commerce businesses, this means showing proper safety measures are practiced from the time the orders were packed until they’re delivered to the doorstep.

Customers prefer brands that show what they’ve been doing to help customers and their employees navigate through the hardships brought about by this pandemic. They have an inclination with brands that take a step back from self-promotion and focus instead on humanized efforts and marketing for the greater good of everyone.

Digital Marketing Efforts Have To Be More Calculated


It’s not just employees suffering from the financial and economic effects brought forth by the pandemic. Even businesses are suffering as well, so there’s a need to be more cautious about marketing expenses.

This doesn’t mean putting an end to marketing activities as these are very much needed. The shift, however, is in allocating less for traditional marketing methods, given that people are out less often and brick-and-mortar shops are also likely limited. The change goes toward higher focus for digital marketing as more people are spending time online than they have in the past.

For instance, with movie cinemas still closed, people working and staying at home are now making use of more video streaming sites, which resulted in the popularity of vlogs on YouTube. This means digital marketers now have to focus on placing ads on these platforms for higher audience reach.

Digital Advertising Must Meet The Needs Of More Discerning Customers

Customers are now more meticulous with the brands and products they patronize, for the very reason that they’ve got to be more practical with the expenses. As many individuals have gone unemployed or have just started working, there’s a need to be thriftier. This means digital marketing campaigns have to live up to the needs of these discerning customers. Campaigns now have to be more truthful than ever.


The business industries today aren’t operating ‘as usual.’ The new normal standards set by the government to contain the pandemic have sent businesses on a spiral of changes many may have never been prepared for. As the daily lives of people are changing to cope with the effects of the pandemic, there’s one shift in customer behavior digital marketers have to meet: shoppers choosing to buy goods and services online. 

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