How SSL and Cyber Security Works

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The internet has indeed changed how the world operates and transformed it into a global village. Now companies can tap into the best skill sets worldwide by hiring an ever-increasing freelance workforce. It is now possible to shop online from the comfort of your own home, study online courses, network, data, and transact any form of business on the web. However, every action comes with an equal and opposite reaction, and it is no wonder that cybersecurity is one of the most dreaded threats of the 21st century. That is why every severe organization needs to take online security very seriously, and an excellent way to do that is to go with an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is a security protocol used to encrypt information being exchanged between a web server and a user’s browser to provide authentication, privacy, and data integrity. By encrypting data transmitted across the web, SSL certificates lock out any intruder that may attempt to intercept the data.

This means that they will only see a complex form of encrypted characters that they cannot decipher. To authenticate the data, these certificates initiate a handshake process between two communicating devices to validate that they are indeed who they claim to be. These certificates also ensure that all your data is digitally signed, which confirms that the data has not been tampered with at all.

The word SSL Certificate is also used interchangeably with Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate, but they refer to the same thing. TLS is simply a latter form of SSL with a different owner. Once you acquire an SSL certificate, your site migrates from HTTP to HTTPS. Depending on the type of SSL certificate you purchase, you may also get a green padlock that shows users that your site is secure.

Companies like Google take cybersecurity very seriously and effectively mark all HTTP sites as Not Secure. You do not wish your site to be labeled as unsafe because prospective customers will avoid you like the plague.

Types of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are classified based on two parameters:

1. Based on the number of websites or domains they cover.
2. Based on the level of validation they offer.

Classification based on the number of domains/websites

Under this category of variety, there are several types of SSL Certificates:

Single-domain SSL certificates

A single-domain SSL certificate covers just one website domain, just like the name suggests. For example, if your website name is, this type of certificate will cover only that one domain.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you run a large website with several sub-domains, you will be the perfect fit to buy a cheap Wildcard SSL certificate. This kind of certification will cover one main domain, like the above example of, but additionally, it encompasses all sub-domains associated with it like,, and so on.

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

As the name suggests, a multi-domain SSL certificate can cover unrelated domains, like and 

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Classification based on the level of validation

When SSL certificates are classified based on the validation level, a background check is conducted by the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) before they can issue the certificate. Several validation levels include:

Domain Validation SSL certificate

This is the easiest and cheapest SSL certificate to acquire because businesses need to prove they own the domain, and no stringent verification process is required.

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Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Acquiring an organization validation SSL certificate is more complicated because the CA must contact the business or person seeking the certificate directly and take you through a strict verification process before issuing the certificate. Users more trust such certificates compared to domain validation ones. The CA undertakes the business vetting process in which registered business documents are verified. They as well check third party sources to confirm the business existence.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates

This is the highest level of validation of SSL certificates and the most trusted. The CA will also run a full background check on the business requesting the certificate. It comes with perks like a company name and a padlock with HTTPS in an address bar, which goes a long way in boosting customer trust.


As more and more activities like shopping and business operations shift online, internet visitors are getting increasingly concerned about their safety when giving out credit card details, for instance. Any business that intends to shine in this time and age needs to invest in a proper SSL certificate to offer customers their much-needed privacy. You can buy a cheap Wildcard SSL certificate today and start the journey of providing all your site visitors with a safe and secure cyber experience.

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