How To Kick Your Productivity


Have you been looking for ways to increase your productivity so that you will feel like you are doing a well-done and organized job when you look back on your average day? In that case, you just opened the right article. In the following few sentences, I will try to describe to you the procedures that I have tried and tested on myself, and at the same time, I see that people use them in my depressingly productive environment.

Get Up Earlier

Although researchers have not confirmed that getting up early affects a person’s productivity, it can be a psychological factor that affects everyone differently. Anyway, get up early in the morning, open the window and breathe in the fresh-smelling air, get to work before the D1 motorway realizes it’s Monday and have half the thing done when your colleagues are still making coffee on the keyboard. Simply delicious. And once you experience the feeling that your co-workers are not catching up to you, you will like it, and you will keep pace.

Determine Your Goals

90% of productivity and efficiency articles recommend that you set goals with the help of okr software. And it’s true. Put something you want to pursue, achieve and focus your energy on it. Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish shortly? Let’s put it by the end of 2010? And what do you have to do this month to move on? And this week? Excellent. Now put it on paper. And not only that: Do it!

Put The Most Important Things First

If you know Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you are unfamiliar with this recommendation. In your daily life, you can choose from thousands of different activities for each day. No wonder many people around us don’t know where they were before. Covey divided these activities into a matrix: Urgent – Important, Urgent – Not important, Non-urgent – Important, Non-urgent – Not important. You will be able to include your activities here. We will talk more about this principle, or you can study optional literature 😉

Organize Your Work Environment

The vertical-chronological storage system (latest things up) will stop working at some point in office life, and your desk will become your enemy. At first, you will stop working comfortably and eventually, and you will start to avoid it. Take a moment to clean up your place, get rid of unnecessary junk and get rich on paper. Sort important things nicely, buy a paper stand, a pencil cup and, for example, those nice sticky notes. As Einstein said: If the clutter on the table reflects a messy mind, what is the reflection of an empty table?

Use The Windows In Your Schedule

Hand on heart: Do you use all the time you have at your disposal? For example, listening to an audiobook on the way to/from work, taking notes for a meeting, or handling emails and text messages on the bus?

Don’t Forget Rest And Reward

As advertising teaches us, you deserve a reward after a successful day. Whether it’s chocolate, sleep, reading fairy tales to children, find time for activities that make you happy. They are the ones that push you forward, and they are what you look forward to all day long.

We’ll talk even more about productivity in the future, so I wish you a productive time!

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