How To Know If Your App Is Going To Succeed

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Many times you download applications that you do not open more than twice due to lack of utility. Therefore, when creating a new one, you have to take into account that the other app creators have failed and what you can do to improve it and that your audience likes it. Today we tell you the key elements that an app must have to achieve success.

Tips for creating a successful app

There are almost two million mobile applications on it. The great offer increases the need to plan the creation, programming, publication, and promotion of an app so that it leaves its mark on the market. To make your app succeed, you must make it functional, original, innovative, and attract users and become viral.

Create expectation

To ensure the success of your app you have to generate anticipation for the launch of your new application. If you succeed, you will make them spread the message and the start of the download will start strongly.

Spend one to two months pre-launch for people to come to you through social media. This time will also allow you to gather proposals and new ideas on how to improve the application before its launch.

To create expectation you must:

  • Generate interest in your target audience. It is very likely that the fact that you are covering one of their needs causes them to need to share the application with the rest of their friends.
  • Spread ideas. When your app is pending launch, interested people will be talking about it. Therefore, from time to time you can cite one of the functionalities that you have not previously explained.
  • Create a database. As your app becomes known in circles and social networks, create a database. Publish a landing page that includes images, videos, and descriptions of the future app and enable an option with which users who wish to can stay informed of all the news. These users will be the possible early adopters to whom you can send emails to keep in touch with them.

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Take care of your user experience

Once the users have installed the application, you have to make sure that the interface meets a series of requirements.

  • The design should not be too overloaded.
  • The contained elements must be well explained.
  • Do not make an application that needs a previous explanation or a manual.
  • It tries that the interface can be visualized without having to read very carefully all the options.
  • Try to switch between screens quickly.

As you are the person who has developed and designed the application, you will consider that its use is very easy. Therefore, ask the opinion of people outside the project and observe how they interact.

Create communities on social networks

All those people who find your application useful in the professional or personal field, will recommend it and talk about it. In this way, you will achieve a community that will get more people to notice it.

Facilitates app evaluation

Until a user installs the app, they cannot rate it since they have not tried it. Normally, visits are only made to the application stores when new ones are to be downloaded and not to evaluate or comment on those already installed. But the ratings are essential to virtualize the applications. For this reason, you should facilitate this process for the user and remind them, since if the comments are positive they can greatly influence the installation of the app by other people.

Make regular updates

Very frequent updates can be negative, but it does not hurt to make them from time to time so that the new features include the contributions made by the users.

Includes support for user care

Any professional app should have a customer service section. Add an address so that the user can send you notifications about bugs or doubts about the application. If you can respond quickly, they will feel satisfied and their desire for recommendation will increase.

Creating an application from scratch is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. To create it, you just have to think about what functionalities would improve the user experience compared to the existing ones.

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