How We Can Boost Our Business With Vertical Social Networks

Vertical Social Networks

Did you know that there are vertical and horizontal social networks? Today in this article, we are going to talk about the first type, the vertical ones, also known as thematic social networks.

What are vertical social networks?

The concept is very simple. These are social networks that are focused on a theme. This theme in turn can be subdivided into different activities or more specific interests. Therefore, vertical social networks try to satisfy the specific tastes or needs of their users.

Like any social network, it seeks to create a community among its users through the exchange of content, such as information, opinions, or advice.

The vast majority of them are free to use, although if you want to access certain functionality (such as avoiding advertising), they have premium subscriptions to unlock them.

On the other hand, you will be able to access some networks without having to be registered, while in others you will have to log in with your user to be able to use them.

Vertical social media ranking

If we get deeper into vertical social networks, they are classified into different types, as I mentioned earlier, depending on the activity or interest on which they focus.

Thus, we will find 3 classifications: by subject, by activity, and by shared content.

Networks by theme

Today on the Internet you can find everything imaginable and surely a little more. Social networks were not going to be left behind! The possibility of creating a community around that hobby (common or rare) has been used by astute people who knew how to take advantage of the opportunity to group all the interested parties under the same place.

According to the themes, we can find:

Professional networks

If I ask you to think of a professional network, I am 100% convinced that the LinkedIn logo will have appeared in your mind. Not in vain, this social network has become the place par excellence to look for employment, professionals in the sector or do the so-called networking 

Xing is another professional vertical social network that in Spain is slowly opening a gap, although its use for the moment does not reach the same level as LinkedIn. However, in countries like Germany, Austria, or Switzerland it has great weight.

Travel networks

They connect travelers with other potentials to exchange opinions on places visited. They are very interesting for the tourism and hospitality sector. On this subject, TripAdvisor and Minube stand out.

Networks by hobbies and interests

They are focused on those people with an interest in specific leisure activity and free time. Under this category, we can find:

  • Moteurs
  • Dogster¬†
  • Ravelry

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