How To Manage Training, Networking, And Coworking

Networking and Coworking

Training, Networking and Coworking, although they are three different concepts, are related. Perhaps it can be a waste of time in a busy work schedule to attend networking events; although I think otherwise.

The human being must have the need to communicate, creating conversations, flowing to interact with spontaneity, generating trust.

Networking is a way to break the ice to interact with entrepreneurs and share our personal and work experiences; in addition to common interests and concerns.
There are many groups that promote this type of activity. They are usually free, with prior confirmation of attendance. You can choose any topic that interests you or is related to your business; or something new that catches your attention: discovers a new sector, complete your training.

Regarding training, networking, and coworking, we think that you can always learn something new in the day, so any training talk can become an opportunity for personal growth by sharing business experiences, providing information from different job profiles that will make it enriching for its variety

As we talked about before, it is a way of relating; Therefore, attending a networking meeting will be productive and fun at the same time.

Nor should we forget our business, since we have the possibility of meeting new contacts to expand our agenda. It may be very opportune to attract customers at the moment, but we are convinced that this will happen in the short term in the future.


The meaning of training is the degree of knowledge applied to a subject . You will ask yourself the reason for talking about training in a post focused on professional personal relationships, it is simple: in networking events, you will learn about any topic related to the meeting itself. If it were coworking, you will share experiences and new ideas with your work space colleagues, so in both cases, you can increase knowledge in an indirect way.

What is Coworking

Speaking of training, networking and coworking; The latter refers to the group of professionals who share the same workplace on a physical level, sharing expenses, providing ideas and knowledge. Obviously, they must have an open mind for collaboration at any level. It is a suitable formula to adjust expenses and grow professionally.

Meaning of Networking

We can define networking as the way to expand professional contacts, generally participating in events related to a specific topic integrated into professional social groups to create lasting relationships over time with a common benefit.

Networking Strategy

The ideal is to prepare the event in advance to achieve our objectives, we give you some ideas to make it more productive:

  • Optimize your profiles on social networks with the keywords that identify your work activity. Remember to provide valuable content on your social networks and use hashtags
  • Prepare your elevator pitch or speech for your new contacts or if you participate in any way in the event
  • Don’t forget your cards
  • You should always have a proactive attitude, being communicative to highlight your strengths supported by your experience.
  • After the event, you have to promote the link created, through social networks, by making phone calls. This way, you will have a good network of contacts.

Objectives of Networking

It is always positive, setting goals for our event. Initially, we will locate the people we are interested in knowing, thinking about the benefit we can bring them, giving credibility to our value proposition , always thinking focusing on the Win to Win.

Advantages of Networking

By participating in the meetings, we will have the possibility to expand our business opportunities by sharing common interests as we discussed earlier. Some advantages could be:

  1. Possibility of job improvements
  2. Meet investors who could collaborate in our project
  3. Expansion of new partners for our company
  4. Get feedback on our service or product, expanding the market vision
  5. Get leads to contact in the short term
  6. Improve personal relationships
  7. Low cost to get the contacts
  8. Greater visibility for our project
  9. Expand professional synergies

Types of Networking

We can differentiate three types:

  • Personal: seek social relationships
  • Strategic: focused on the business field
  • Operational: aimed at the company itself to coordinate the different departments and achieve fluidity in work processes


As we have been talking throughout the post, I want to make it clear that networking or coworking is not pursuing our goal, nor asking for favors, or looking for the rally; far from it, transmit a version that is not sincere and transparent about ourselves.

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