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Social Media Management

Social media originally began as a fun way to connect dispersed friends, family, and colleges. It has steadily grown into a crucial social media marketing entity for all businesses. Whether you are running a large corporation or a small business, having a social media presence has become essential. Social media gives your company a platform to directly interact with your customers and get instant feedback, reviews, and testimonials about your services and products.
Having and maintaining a social media presence is usually a daunting and time-consuming process for many businesses. A lot of work goes into keeping up with social media trends, producing and posting content consistently, and promoting the business. Large corporations generally opt to hire social media managers to handle and maintain their online profiles. However, for small businesses that lack the financial capacity, hiring a social media manager is usually expensive. For this reason, small businesses are turning to social media management services to manage their social media presence.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of creating and managing your social media profiles and online presence by creating, sharing, and posting content that’s relevant to your business. In addition to content sharing, social media management also involves carrying out analysis of your social media audience, developing a social media management strategy, monitoring online conversations, collaborating with online personalities, and responding to comments and inquiries made by social media users to increase content reach and visibility.
In today’s business landscape, your business cannot afford to ignore the cruciality of an active social media presence. Social media provides businesses with great marketing opportunities – on condition that you manage your social media presence in an efficient and organized way. If you want to leverage social media’s power and take advantage of all the available social media platforms, you need a social media strategy.

What Is a Social Media Strategy?

Social media management isn’t just about posting content and engaging; it’s also linked to other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. For this reason, you need to have a well-laid-out social media strategy.
A social media strategy is concerned with using your social media platforms and online presence to build brand awareness, generate more sales and leads, and get more engagements. Without a strategy, you might find yourself sharing content with your audience for the sake of sharing. If you don’t understand who your target audience is, what they are drawn to, and your goals, you will find it harder to achieve your desired results on social media. A social media strategy helps you answer the why, what, when, who, where, and how you will share content on your businesses’ social media pages.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Management for Small Businesses?

Social media management offers small businesses several benefits, including:

  1. You Save Time: When it comes to managing your social media presence, your go-to should be professional social media management agencies. With proven social media strategies and experience in increasing brand engagement and awareness, social media experts are in charge of creating and publishing content for your online profiles and managing your online profiles for you. This way, you can spend more of your time focusing on the core of your business.
  2. You Save Money: Regardless of your digital marketing budget, social media provides a cost-effective marketing platform. It’s free to join, create social media profiles, respond to your audience, and post content on social media platforms.  
  3. You Build Brand Awareness: Your brand is unique. How do you present it to the world? Social media management enables you to know which social platform is ideal for your business. This way, you can focus on that specific social media platform, create guidelines for relevant content, develop our brand’s voice and personality, and ensure your graphics and visuals align with your brand’s voice. This way, your content reflects your brand’s voice and directly targets your audience, increasing brand awareness. 
  4. Content Creation: The content you share on social media is a crucial component for marketing. Creating videos, capturing pictures, writing blogs and Twitter posts, and making buzz-worthy and novel content are just some ways social media management services make impactful content appropriate for your brand. When you pay for an expert to manage your social media presence, you pay for their graphic software, creativity, effective social media management, and excellent language proficiency.
  5. You Get Increased Website Traffic: With many people using social media daily, social networks have become the perfect medium for gaining referrals and driving traffic to your website. When done efficiently with your business goals in mind, social media campaigns can be leveraged to drive traffic to your website. 

How Much Does Social Media Management Typically Cost?

This is a common question that businesses often ask.

  • Like many other major business decisions, social media management is also determined by your budget. So how much will it cost you to outsource social media management services? The truth is it varies.
  • There is no one-fit-all solution for social media management for small businesses. The cost will depend on the level of experience you want, your business’s size, the services you want, and the number of social media platforms you want to be managed.
  • Most businesses do not disclose the cost of the social media management services they offer. This kind of discrepancy in price makes it extremely hard for business executives to consider outsourcing social media management services to budget.
  • At BizIQ, we have broken down our website’s cost information to make social media management budgeting more effortless for you.

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost at BizIQ?

At BizIQ, we offer tiered social media management pricing packages that will fit your budget. Our packages are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your online platforms.

Best of all, we won’t ask you to sign a contract, and you won’t have any pricing surprises. At BizIQ, we are committed to keeping our services available so that you utilize social media to elevate your business.

To find out which social media package meets your business’s needs, browse through our social media marketing pricing plans.

How Do You Choose the Right Social Media Management Pricing Package for Your Business?

Spending money on the most expensive social media marketing pricing package doesn’t always give you the desired results. The best results come from continuous social media management, consistent sharing of content, engaging potential clients, and keeping existing clients engaged.
To choose the right social media package for your business, you first need to decide how many social media platforms you want to be active on and how frequently you want to post content.

What Is Included in Our Social Media Management Packages?

Our social media management pricing packages include:

  1. Expert Social Media Strategy: Our social media team will work with you to develop a social media strategy tailored to meet your business’s needs and your business goals.
  2. Social Profile Creation & Optimization: Our social media experts will help you determine which platform your target audience spends most of their time on and on which platform your business would thrive.
  3. Social Media Posts to Keep Your Social Calendar Full: It’s essential to keep your online profiles active and updated so that your clients see that you are a reliable brand. Our social media team will develop well-written content for each of your social media profiles to ensure that you engage with your clients.
  4. Promotional Brand Posts: Our team will help you develop promotional posts to ensure that your brand is more visible to the public and engages your audience in the most creative way possible.
  5. Curated Content: Curated content is shareable, engaging content curated from sources other than your brand. By sharing posts of complementary businesses, industry influencers, and other well-respected publications, we will provide your audience with various content geared towards their interests, thus increasing your online audience’s reading, and viewing experience.  
  6. Optimized Brand Graphics: Our graphics design team will ensure that your brand is represented visually and consistently across your social media profiles. 

Are You Looking for Social Media Management Services?

Here at BizIQ, we offer social media management services to small businesses, making it easier for businesses like you to boost brand engagement, get new customers, respond to comments and messages on social media, and increase brand awareness.  As one of the best local marketing companies serving customers in the US, we offer the most affordable social media management packages to help you keep your costs low while achieving your desired social media presence. 

Get in touch with us today, or call us on (888) 416-9800 and let us help you become an active brand on social media and set your footprints in the business environment.

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