How To Optimize Time And Be More Productive?


Indeed you are one of those people who, when talking about your work you think “I don’t have time to do anything”, “I have a lot to do, and I don’t have time”, or “My day is gone, and I couldn’t finish everything I had planned”. That is because you have not yet found the method to optimize time correctly. But today, we are going to solve this problem.

Because yes, in aisle it also happens to us and sometimes we want to have more hours a day to finish all the pending tasks. However, we have found a much more efficient way than adding hours to the day. The best? You, too, can put it into practice!

Before starting, it is essential to keep in mind that time management is essential in terms of the daily responsibilities we have. It is not only based on the organization. It also refers to the ability to manage time most intelligently. Similarly, you have to determine what responsibilities you can do today and which ones tomorrow.

Time management refers to how you organize your hours of the day based on pending tasks, both work and personal.

For this same reason, we have been asking ourselves the following question: should I work more or should I work better? Thus, we have concluded to achieve the daily objectives.

Five Factors That You Should Take Into Account To Increase Productivity And Optimize Time

This series of inconveniences when planning time correctly has led us to ask ourselves the following question: should I work more or should I work better? Thus, we have concluded to achieve the daily objectives.

Define What To Do at The Beginning Of Your Day

First of all, you should know that having clear objectives for the day will allow you to define the tasks according to their importance and urgency.

  • Important tasks are those that you can accomplish in the long term but are essential to get done.
  • The urgent tasks are those that require immediate action but do not always have much importance.
  • The urgent and important tasks should be priority No. 1. These types of tasks are the ones that must take action quickly.
  • The non – urgent and important tasks are the kind of tasks that we forget, so it is essential to write them down and plan to perform once the most important or urgent are fulfilled.
  • The urgent and not important tasks should be delegated because they are the kind of tasks that take away time.
  • The tasks that are not urgent and unimportant are necessary to identify because they help you procrastinate, and you better not do them.

Learn To Say “NO” To Optimize Time

A recent study states that “each 5-minute break in work has been shown to cost 12 minutes, as your brain needs seven more minutes to refocus. “So the bottom line is that it is better to say no.

Limit Your Time on Social Networks and in The Mail

We know! It is essential to have your social networks like facebook and twitter ready, as well as to answer pending emails. However, you should set a particular time each day to do it. This way, it won’t distract you throughout the day.

Taking Breaks is Key To Optimizing Time.

To be truly productive and allow yourself your breaks without regrets, we recommend that you follow the Pomodoro Method. This will help you feel like the work is not so heavy.

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