How Does Teleworking Affect Companies, And What Does it Mean For Them?


As companies, we have also had to live in a particular situation, such as the covid 19 pandemics, causing the need for teleworking as a safe alternative for everyone. What was to be a change in the medium / long term has now become an accelerated reality. That is why we have to know how teleworking affects companies and what it will mean for them.

Precedents, Let’s Know The Origin Of Telework.

It is known that there were exceptional cases during the seventeenth century during which teleworking was needed to continue production. It happened, for example, in the case of the University of Cambridge in 1665, which had to be temporarily closed by the plague. However, it would not be until the twentieth century and the development of New Technologies, which would develop and make productive remote work more viable.

Current Situation

Now and for a time, it will be the way to make the maintenance of productive activities and protection against the virus compatible, making this work model the main one for a few months. In 2019, only 4.8% of the employees were working under this model, and in many cases, it was circumstantial or semi-face-to-face. However, during the weeks of restrictions due to the pandemic, it has been increased to 34% of the total.

Already in 2018, there was a considerable increase in monthly searches related to ‘telecommuting,’ ‘working from home, or ‘working remotely.’ For this reason, among others, the increase in the trend in terms of changing the habits of the worker was known. The level of demand and need for family conciliation has led many people to no longer want but instead, need to work in another way.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand the change that working from home will bring about not only for workers but also how teleworking affects companies.


Productivity Improvement

The engine of a company is its workers, and teleworking has been shown to influence happiness and well-being, lowering stress levels. Once the objectives are established, everything translates into an increase in productivity in business activity.

Reduction Of Work Absenteeism

The convenience of avoiding commuting, the advantage of working from home, and the responsibility for oneself reduce absenteeism compared to working in the office.

Social Integration

In the century we are in, it is an obligation to facilitate the inclusion of profiles with various disabilities.

Job Opportunities

Geographic barriers no longer exist, so companies can expand their range of qualified professionals and improve their level of specialization.


Companies can save on infrastructures, physical spaces, energy, water, and more resources, and at the same time, workers save on trips, time, etc.

Improvement of Family Conciliation

Greater flexibility is offered to manage both professional and personal life to be more autonomous and independent.


Control Over The Employee

From the beginning, the most significant ‘but’ has been the lack of physical control over the employee. It is true that currently, thanks to the development of technologies in this area, there are many options to manage this disadvantage. Applications such as organizational, work distribution, time control, and others have made companies fully manage their employees’ activity.

Lack of Personal Contact

Change like communications means that interactions between colleagues, bosses, and others are through devices, which can affect workers emotionally, reducing their bond with colleagues and even affecting the visibility of their work and, therefore, the lack of due recognition.

Organizational Changes

Managing change to implement the new remote work model requires adaptation for all team members. For this reason, it is necessary to seek changes in methodologies, times, and others, which will sometimes be a challenge for entrepreneurs without adequate tools and communication channels.


Directly related to the methodological change, it will be necessary to facilitate team management so that the work is not affected by the digital nature of the communications.

Communication Security

We cannot forget that cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue, and legality in that sense is getting serious about it. That is why the computer systems and all the networks used must have the appropriate protection to avoid leaks of any kind and protect company data.

Therefore, the main objective is to know how teleworking affects companies for which they want to stay afloat and continue to prosper, to know how to adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible. And without a doubt, we will do it by being aware of all the resources we have to carry out the projects and fulfill the business activity.

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