How To Download Videos From Twitter


If you use it, you know it: Twitter is the social network with the best jokes and the funniest and most shocking videos. Therefore, if you want to download videos from Twitter to show them to friends who do not have an account, or share them on your WhatsApp, for example, today we offer you how you can do it.

As you will see, the method to use will be different if you have an Android mobile or an iPhone. But in both cases … super easy!

How To Download Twitter Videos on Android Phone

We always tell you, Android leaves more freedom to its programmers when creating applications. So the first method that we propose is to use an app that downloads videos from Twitter.

It works pretty well, and the method is the same as that used by most applications of this type. As you will see, it is straightforward.

The first thing you have to do is open Twitter and, when you are in the tweet with the video, click on the arrow on the top right to display its options.

Among those that come out, choose the first one: “Copy the link of the tweet. ” If you open the Video Downloader application for Twitter that you have installed, you will see the video appear and a download button shaped like an orange cloud and a white arrow.

You press it, and it will download to your phone. The app always reads your mobile clipboard, so when you open it, if what is copied is a link to a Twitter video, it shows it to you to download.

You have other app options that do the same, but this is the easiest way to download Twitter videos on Android.

How To download Twitter Videos On iOS

Apple doesn’t like programmers fiddling with out-of-the-box options, so you won’t have an app to download Twitter videos on your iPhone. However, you can do it without a problem, and, in addition, this method also works for Android.

It is effortless, and we have to start in the same way as before. When we are in the tweet from which we want to download the video, we display the options arrow and choose to copy the tweet’s link.

With that, we open the web browser of our phone and go to this address:

There we will see a web page to download Twitter videos, with an address bar that says: «Enter the URL of the Twitter video you want to download.»

We paste the link that we have copied there, and it will immediately offer us several download options for that video. We can do it in mp4 format, in mp4 HD format, and even in mp3 format, with which we will only download an audio file.

Although this social network does not let you download videos directly, you have already seen that it is sooo easy. With everything we have taught you, you can be the first to share the funniest and most fashionable videos with your friends. What are you waiting for?

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