How to Store CBD Capsules

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As the name suggests, CBD capsules are supplements made from cannabidiol, a plant extract with many proven medical benefits. It has been clinically tested to eliminate pain sensation in patients suffering from serious ailments. Besides, it helps people cope with anxiety, appetite and sleep issues, infections, mood disorders, etc.

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Many people make the mistake of buying more CBD supplements than they actually need. As these products become more available, there is no need to stock up. But if you still bought a couple of boxes of CBD capsules more than you need, you have to store them properly.

To learn how to save these pills properly, you should know that various factors can affect the stability of this supplement. Some of these include capsule content, type of packaging (like jars or bottles), proper storage temperature, level of humidity, etc. It is important to note that all these factors play vital roles in preserving the potency and the quality of the supplement.

Ensure Proper Packaging

The best way to preserve your hemp-based product is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, whenever you can, you should keep it in its original packaging, which should be undamaged. Manufacturers usually pack capsules in glass jars or plastic containers with a sealing mechanism.
If the packaging is accidentally damaged (that often happens with glass, especially if you carry it in a bag), it is best to transfer the capsules to an opaque glass jar. That will ensure that the CBD content is not lost and wasted. Just make sure that the cover lays nicely on it. Never keep these pills in plastic or paper bags.
Those who have special cases to store their CBD supplements should keep these boxes in good condition. You should clean them once a week. Use only plain, hot water, and be sure to air dry them well. Even a drop of water that remains inside can spoil capsules. Also, if you are interested in buying CBD oil with good packaging and storage, you can buy CBD oil from Vibes CBD.

Heat and Light Are No-No

The rule of thumb when it comes to storing CBD capsules is that you keep them away from heat. Heat, as well as sunlight and humidity, will result in the destruction of your CBD content. Cannabidiol molecules will oxidize and degrade at high temperatures, so the product will lose its healing properties.

Light is also one of the causes of degradation of CBD content in pills. The exposure of any hemp-based product to the light triggers the greatest loss of cannabidiol molecules. Some people also use a cold basement or cellar for storing their capsules. That’s not a good idea, as these places are perfect for mold and mildew development. It could result in the molding of your capsules.

Shelf life means the time of product correctness from the moment of production (extraction). But once you open the packaging of Cheefbotanicals CBD pills, you automatically shorten its shelf life by more than twice. The more you release this supplement into the air and light (you do this every time you open the container), the lower the potency of cannabidiol content. Therefore, open the container only when taking the supplement, and close it quickly after the excessive oxygen enters.

Fridge as a Final Resort

Keeping capsules at room temperature (not higher than 70 Fahrenheit) should be enough if you place them in a dark and dry place. But in areas where outside temperatures are high all year round, this is not a good idea. That’s when the fridge comes to the rescue.
In fact, it’s safe to hold a package of CBD pills inside the fridge. The content in them won’t spoil or change its taste. But it will thicken a bit. This method can prove to be beneficial as the capsules will retain their full potency and medicinal value. But if you keep them in low temperatures, move these supplements into an air-tight container.
Long-term freezing may be a good solution to store CBD oil or tinctures if you don’t use them for a long time. But since you take CBD capsules every day (because they are easy to use and digest), constant freezing and thawing would destroy them.

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Keep Kids and Pets Away

If you have small curious children or mischievous pets in the house, it is best to keep CBD capsules out of their reach. Since these supplements often look like candies or gummies, it can easily happen that your children use them. In general, CBD in capsules is safe for use in humans and has no significant side effects.
But it should be borne in mind that the stomachs of children and small animals (dogs, cats, and hamsters) are more sensitive than in adults, and many more things can irritate them. Still, the good news is that, after consuming the CBD extract, kids rarely experience side effects.
But if they feel cramps, diarrhea, or nausea, it is necessary to take them to the doctor. Here is the list of other potential side effects. So keep your CBD pills somewhere at a height or under lock and key in a bathroom cabinet or shelf.

When learning how to store CBD capsules, you should properly keep them, considering many harmful factors like sun, artificial light, and airflow. You can also consult a CBD expert if you have any queries about the storage of this amazing substance. It will be of great help to you.

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