How to Take Good Photos: 4 Quick Tips


Do you love taking photos on your own or with your friends? Have you always considered enhancing your photography skills so you can show off photos that you’re proud of?
It’s time to learn how to take good photos.
Taking great photos doesn’t require a thousand-dollar camera or a unique setting. It requires time, observation skills, and a bit of creativity.
Keep reading to learn a few top tips for taking better photos.

Play With Composition

When it comes to taking professional-looking photos, composition is everything. A perfect photo looks intentional.
There are plenty of composition “rules” that photographers follow. It’s helpful to know these rules, but once you do, break free from them and start to experiment. Don’t be afraid to get new angles by getting up high or down low to take your photos.
If you’re working with a digital camera, you have the benefit of being able to try countless compositions. When you edit the photos later, you can change the compositions further.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Good photos start with good lighting. After all, “photo” means light. Your camera won’t be able to capture anything without appropriate lighting.
Most of the time, you’re going to get the best photos when the light outside is warm and soft. The golden hour will give all of your photos a glowy and magical appearance.
Sometimes ideal lighting isn’t an option. You’re going to have to learn how to make adjustments to your camera to capture photos in low-light situations. You may also need to use an external flash.
Never take a photo with the light behind the subject unless you’re going for a silhouette look. It will be impossible to make your subject look both bright and natural when you go to edit your pictures.

Don’t Rely on Your Camera Equipment

Great gear does not make a great photographer. Sure, you’re going to have an easier time if you have a high-end camera, but it’s not the end-all-be-all, and it won’t help you if you haven’t learned basic photo skills. 

The body of your camera doesn’t matter too much. Lenses are going to have a much larger impact on the appearance of your photo, so if you’re trying to save money, buy an older secondhand body and newer lenses. 

We recommend starting with film (if possible) if you want to learn the basics. You’ll have to be precise with your composition and lighting because you’ll only have one chance to get it right.

Once you have a basic grasp of what you’re doing, you can start editing digital photos with editing software, your favorite collage maker, apps, and more.

Learn Manual Mode

The best advice that anyone can give you on your photography journey is to get comfortable with manual mode. You don’t have to use it all of the time, but if you’re afraid of it, you’ll miss out on reaching your full photographer potential.
Manual mode allows you to focus on specific subjects with a crispness that isn’t always possible in automatic mode. You can also make custom light and color adjustments. This means that the photos that you take will look great before you even start editing them.

That’s How to Take Good Photos as a Beginner

Learning how to take good photos might take years. Even if you have a natural eye for design, applying your skills to photography is a challenge. Be patient with yourself!
Get out there and start taking photos!
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